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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Inspiration Station

The purpose of this team is to help each other achieve our personal best.

Air1 Listeners on Etsy

A Etsy team designed for listeners of Air1: The Positive Alternative

Beauty and the Business

A team that mingles aesthetics with the business aspect of being on Etsy.


Need a place to relax and unwind? Come take a seat on the comfy couch!

Salt Lake City Crafters Hive

-Utah Etsy Members- A support chapter that discusses better business, craft evolution, state nuances and topics inbetween.

Toxic Free Urban Babies

A spot for urban parents to share and discuss topics related to parenting and their lives as urban parents.


Promote Your Shop, Listings and Everything!

Game Lovers

Those who absolutely love video games whether vintage or modern, this is the forum for you

Decoden Dream Team

Decoden Dreams - The Etsy Deocoden Team to provide Decoden Artists with tips of the trade and a forum to get answers to any Deocden topics.

CT Shoreline Crafters

Southeastern CT based team. I'd like offer local Etsians a place to connect & get to know each other. Any topic is welcome.