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Etsy Canada Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Topics and Services to The Self Employed and Small Businesses on Etsy and beyond.

Creative Challenges

A group of people with one topic a week to focus on.

Greek Orthodox Weddings

A team for etsy members to discuss topics regarding GREEK ORTHODOX WEDDINGS!

Sellers Cafe

A place for sellers to speak freely among themselves about their business or topic dujour.

Salt Lake City Crafters Hive

-Utah Etsy Members- A support chapter that discusses better business, craft evolution, state nuances and topics inbetween.

Toxic Free Urban Babies

A spot for urban parents to share and discuss topics related to parenting and their lives as urban parents.

Phoenix Photographers

Are you a PEP (Phoenix Etsy Photographer)? Join us to share about your photography experience in and around Phx.

We Luv Sales Team Leaders

This team was designed as a meeting forum for leaders of the We Luv Sales Team to discuss team topics, duties and concerns.