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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


let's buy something from each other's shop

trade trade love to trade

our team is about trading and having fun

Trade Team

A team that supports eachother through trading handmade products.

kawaii trade!

hi! this is a team fir anyone with or looking for kawaii themed items!

Photography Trade

A team designed so that vendors can come together and collaborate, and trade their products for photography.

Trade Nations

Buy . Promote . Give . Trade

Etsy Trading

Etsy sellers willing to trade or swap pieces for works of other Etsy sellers.

Simple Trading

International Trading , Bartering and Swapping on Etsy made simpler and trader friendly. Promotion activities and Games too.

Etsy trade team

Trade, Swap And Barter!!!

Boutique & Photographer Trade Team

Trading boutique items for professional product photographs.