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Daily Trends

Daily threads that help promote team member's listings on the "trending" page.

Boutique Trends

This group is full of wonderful creative woman who design Boutique items.

Team Trend

The Hearting Team for High Quality Shops. We are a strong team of successful sellers helping each other grow our beautiful businesses.

Promo Trends

The key to Etsy success is promotion! Absolutely NO post and run! PLAY FAIR AND HAVE FUN!

Fashion Trends

Create a treasury list to complement the items you are selling, to create a complete fashionable outfit.

Wanelo Trending Team

Our goal is to get products to the trending page on Wanelo for maximum exposure and sales.

Daily Trends Leader Team

A place to discuss Daily Trends Team needs in private.

Knit & Crochet Trend Watching

For shop owners in the fiber artscene to track trends relating to their business