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New arrival of lace trim

lace trim, new arrival, fabric, lace fabric

Everything Laces

A forum to share your "lace, ribbon and trim" craft


Sourcing and resources for independent fashion, jewelry, & accessory designers. Find fabrics, trims, notions and more.

Friend of a Friend

Antique textiles,supplies and clothing

Fabric Wranglers!

For people who sell and love fabric and other sewing supplies.

Scarf Lovers Team

Hello, This is a team that consisting of scarf makers and scarf lovers

The Decorators' Show House

This teams goal Is to fill the Decorators' Show House with beautiful, distinct, cutting edge items from Etsy Designers and Shoppers.

My Bodybuilding Network

Our goal is to bring fitness enthusiasts together and share ideas, best practices, and most importantly unification.