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Handmade Jewelry Artisits On Etsy Team

Welcome to Tribal Handcrafters On Etsy Team (THOET) are very unique We see the world through an old world charm sort of way.

We sell Beautiful and Exotic Gemstone Beads around the world. A Best Place for Unique N High Quality Gemstone Beads at Lowest Price.

Looking for Chic vendors in Buffalo,MN for a shop

Hello I am looking for people who have unique chic items for sale. I have a shop that I am moving to Buffalo,MN.

Click Heart Promo Team "Heartteam"

Do you want to promote your shop? This is a UNIQUE team that not only promotes other members' shops but also promotes your own!!

Hand Painted Jewelry & Beads

All about the unique appeal & personal expression of hand painted jewelry and beads. It's an emerging trend. Wear real painting!

Team L.A.R.P.

A Team for merchants who sell items that every larper needs. This is the place to come to get us seen by our unique target demographic.

Vintage France

Pour les boutiques francophones qui vendent du vintage UNIQUEMENT, mais les amoureux de vintage sont également les bienvenus!

Etsy …Everything Wonderful in Life (EEWIL) – Official Etsy Team

We share the wonders of Etsy, from artisans to the unique antique and vintage finds , plus supplies for your own handmade creations!

Gymnastics Etc.

Gymnastics items are hard to find. If you have them, please share! If you have a gymnast that would love our unique items, join us too!


We love design is about the fabulous world of graphic design. Do you have fable for great images, unique ideas and products? Join us!