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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Made in Isère

Cette nouvelle team regroupe toutes les créatrices (et créateurs ^^) isérois présents sur Etsy qui le souhaitent. Bienvenue !

Independently Creative

This is a team for solo shop owners promoting their products.

Psychedelic family

For all those who create, love, and feel the vibe of life!

Wedding Dresses

All about wedding dresses

Handmade Hollow

Online Boutique Fair Where Everything is 100% Handmade

Team Lakshmi

Welcome to Etsy BNR, Promotion and Advertising team! This team is dedicated to supporting and helping each other succeed.


Furniture containing elements of sculpture or art.

Entrepreneurs BNS

This is a group who wants to grow their fabulous idea

The most popular handcrafted gifts

It's a wonderful moment to give and / or receive a gift, but when it's handmade the uniqueness is ever greater. . .