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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Ragdoll Cat Lovers

A team for all those who own and/ or love ragdoll cats

Moore College of Art & Design

Bringing together the wonderful women of Moore!


Team of interest to coffee clocks

etsy sellers and buyers unite

this is a team for sellers who want to get there work in front of an audience that is actually shopping here, and for buyers to see the work

Yarn and Pattern Designers

A team for knitting and / or crocheting pattern designers and yarn dyers and / or spinners.

The Disney Stores

Anyone serious about selling their Disney products, or living the Disney life, should join us!

Made in Muncie!

Made in Muncie - Celebrating Hoosier Etsy Shops located in Muncie, Indiana! :)

First Nations Canada

Indigenous Canadian sellers and shoppers unite!

@ The Promo Mall Leaders United

Helpful place to connect right here on etsy

Etsys Shopping Mall for Everyone

A Team I created for all kinds of Shops to make this a great Etsy Shopping Mall.