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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Creative souls!!

This group is for anyone creative and artistic that use Nature such as animals, flowers, etc., in their designs.

Jerry's Wood Works

This is my team. Yes, I know woodworks is one word. My name is Jerry, and I'm addicted to wood.

The Ceramics Team

A team for anyone making ceramic works being hand built, slip cast, or wheel thrown with low to high fire clays! Promote, discuss, and tips!

Mud slingers

Hello everyone! If you love pottery come and join this team. Throw it? Sculpt it? Or even if you just love to collect pottery, join!


We have very good design handmade crafts

West German Pottery Team

For anyone that collects, buys, sells and of course LOVES West German Pottery

Comfy Crafting.

Home made Decorative Home Decor.

Indian Artisans

Group of Indian art lovers, lets join hands and contribute for the exposure of undiscovered tradition artforms.