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VEGAN and Vegetarian BNS BNR

♥♥ IF you are a VEGAN or Vegetarian *OR* If you have goodies in your shop for Vegan + Vegetarians ♥♥

Organic Healthy Vegetarian Homemade Recipes

Organic Healthy Vegetarian Homemade Recipes from all over the world!


Etsyveg is a group of Vegans& Vegetarians who sell their handmade, vintage items on Etsy.com


A vegan/vegetarian group for all levels!

Tofu Cuties

A Vegan & Vegetarian community for Creatives

Eclectic Curiosity

Fashion, Art ,crafts, artisan cruelty free food and great music

BeKind Treasury Team

The BeKind Treasury Team is here for vegetarian and vegan Etsy'ers to make killer treasuries without the killing! :)

animal ethical

no animal testing, cruelty free, ethical sourced, animal lovers, green, recycle, no real fur pelts, no taxidermy