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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Not Enough Crafting

A private place to vent to your heart's content.

Sellers For Sellers

This is a team to offer support, a sounding board, and advice forum and a place to vent frustrations that are frowned upon in the forums.

Nanaimo Creative Team

Support and Connection for Etsy Sellers from Nanaimo BC


A new team for working mothersnwives starting out new small businesses that may need a shoulder to vent on and exchange ideas and tips

Military Crafters

This team is for any and all associated with the military. Post threads to get ideas, promote your items, ask questions, or just vent :)

Haus of Wool & Fire and Friends

The Haus of Wool & Fire and Friends Team is a collective of artists working together to support each other.

Made in Strasbourg

Une team dédiée à tous les créateurs résidant à Strasbourg et alentours !


Un grand amour pour les foulards vintages