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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Thrifted Clothes

A team of people who love wearing/buying thrifted clothing.

Vintage fantasy

for those who produce or sell vintage clothing, with patterns typical vintage or adapted to the present day

vintage europe

vintage etsy shops, selling vintage clothes, accessories, memorabilia, furniture, decoration itmes

Vintage Love

This group is for anyone who loves and sells vintage items!

Vintage Vogue

Vintage Vogue is a team of enthusiastic vintage sellers and friends who wish to promote their line in jewelry, fashion, art and antiques.

Toronto Vintage Swap 2015

This is a group of vintage enthusiasts to discuss, trade and participate in the official Etsy vintage clothing swap taking place on March 20

Vintage Spain

shops selling vintage clothes, accessories,records, memorabilila, decoration, furniture located in Spain

The Vintage Closet

This is a team for vintage clothing sellers and lovers of Etsy.

Save the vintage!

Love vintage? This team is for you!

Portland Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing Shops in Portland Oregon