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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Handmade Pagans of Etsy

This is a team for those who are making the world a little more magickal with every handmade item they offer.

African and South American Religions

This is a team for people who sell and or buy things related to African and South American Religions

A Witch's Craft

Crafts for a Witch's Craft: A place to share your love of the Craft in the context of crafts.

Louisiana Artists

A place for artists from or inspired by Louisiana

Voodoo and Ju ju Doll Makers

This team is all about making voodoo and ju ju dolls or poppets.


This is a Network and Team for Crafters involved in Folk Magick and Making Ritual Supplies


For lovers of the esotericism

I Love Spells

This is dedicated to everyone that likes Spells,Rituals,Black Magic,Wicca,Voodoo,White Magic,Palo,Santeria,spirits,as­trology,psychics,occult

Beyond the Veil Artisans

A place for the Artisans of magickal creations and those who love their creations

Brujas on Etsy

Every little thing We do....IS Magick.