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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Pagan Trade Blanket

This is a gathering place for all Pagan businesses, artists and crafters from around the world to come together and trade goods and services

The Afro-Witch Connection

This team is for melanated women who create soul awakening, spirit envoking products.


For all you witchy crafters.

New England Wiccan Workers

A team for practitioners of magic in the New England area.

Team Philly

Philadelphia is a diverse city. Like any other city, people are activity seeking new products and goods that uniquely crafted.

Witches of Etsy

This is a team for witches who are proud to be so!!!

Occult Jewelry

This is a Group/Team for all of those into Occult themed Jewelry and symbolism

Pagan Artificers

Our goal is to provide the Wiccan community with the finest goods possible!

Witchy Woman Etsy

A collective of women who run with the wolves.


This is a Network and Team for Crafters involved in Folk Magick and Making Ritual Supplies