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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

West Virginia Street Team

This team is for those currently living in WV. Share news, information about shows & festivals and make friends!

Etsy's Howlers

For the Etsy canine people out there who need to just howl it out with others.

BeLieVe ~

Enchanted Wild Hearts ~ DReaM ~♥~ BeLieVe ~♥~ InSpiRe

"Southwest Artist's Team

Art of the region, depicting all that encompasses South West Art.

Indigo Gathering - WMC

A Gathering Place for Magickal Etsians, ran by Wolf Moon Coven in Knoxville, Tennessee

Crime Scene Deign Team

Welcome to the Crime Scene! An all out power house of killer designers, those with a more free artistic mind!


After looking around I was extremely surprised that there was not a LOST etsy team, so I decided to make one. This team is for anybody who

Etsy Outlaws

Welcome All Outlaws, Nobles, Pirates, Gypsies, Time Travelers, Bootleggers, Gunslingers, Rebels & Old Souls.....

Wildlife Artists on Etsy

Fine Artists who work in the genre of WILDLIFE ART