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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Spirited Woman

For women who sell products in their stores that are related to rites of passage and womens cycles

Beauty of a Woman

email me at wpaigecoates@gmail.com

He-Man Woman Hater's Club

Closed Cabal Type Team of Mysterious Secrets, now with 10% real juice!

Seattle Seahawks Crafters

Seahawk Crafters coming together to share our crafts

Rebel Garb

Rebel Garb is a Christian Ladies Apparel Store


A way for all of us Jennifers to support each other.


This team is for plus-sized Etsians to come together and share ideas, knowledge and products with each other.

My spouse supports me team

Do you have a wonderful spouse in your life that supports you and your craft?


woman purse / shoulderbag / acessories women / bag / woman gift / elegant purse

Women of Color

This group aims to support women of color on etsy. If you have items to share, come and tell us your story!