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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Wood Termites

Lovers of Wood, Woodcraft, and Woodworkers

The Wood Chuck

A place for lathe enthusiasts and other wood craftsman to talk all things wood

Etsy Woodworkers

Etsy Woodworkers for all who enjoy the beauty within trees

Handcrafted Pens

A team for those who create handcrafted pens.

Women in Woodworking

This team is for the ladies who like to make things with wood

Inspiring Origins

This team is made up of artists who have unique and exciting ideas. They have created pieces with soul and great character.

Art Curators Dream team

Online "Gallery" of Etsy artists

Wicklow/Wexford Sellers

This team is to gather together local crafters, we have great fairs and community in the area and a wide range of skilled individuals.