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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Pipe and Wood Artists Guild

Our top priority is to share our innovative designs with the world.

Painting, Drawing, Wood and Yarn Craft

If you like to create with anything you can get your hands on your welcomed here. :)

JnK Workshop

Wood-Crafty Creatures Everywhere, Unite and Love Wood Animals


If you love carving wood carving or simply wooden shape, welcome!


Vintage Industrial Wood mold and Castings made in Steampunk art.

Get Social with Woodworking

Level the playing field get social.

Team Kitty

we dont do much except meow at each other at shows but isnt that enough?We think so


do you make things with wood? join! xD

A world made by hand

Here we come together with the things we make using our imaginations and skills. Keeping a spirit of crafting alive.