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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Wood Chuck

A place for lathe enthusiasts and other wood craftsman to talk all things wood

Reclaimed wood

For both the makers and admirers of furniture made from reclaimed wood.

Carolina Crafters

A small( however, growing) group of crafters located in the upstate of South Carolina.

Slingshot makers

A place for the makers to discuss and collaborate their etsy enterprises of making and selling slingshots.

BuildaBridge International Donations Desperately Needed

BuildaBridge International is a nonprofit that services homeless youth and victims of violence through the arts.


Beautiful handmade treasures inspired by nature

The Craft

Scratch each others back whilst bringing Self empowerment and healing to the world

Austin Artists for Weirdness

This is a team for any type of artist in the Austin area.

Eclectic Crafters

This team is meant for people who sell a variety of different types of handmade items.

Team Ignored on Etsy

Our teams mission is to welcome everyone who wants to participate with kindness and respect.