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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Savvy Etsy Sellers LEADERSHIP

This is a team for the leadership/administration of The Savvy ETSY Sellers Team here on Etsy.

Central Missouri Creations

A small group of crafty people that came together to share their artist visions, and then their lives as part-time entrepreneurs.

Adventures in A/B Testing and Other Experiments

Improving our shops with testing and experimenting to see what works best

Hip Hop Heads and 80s/90s Babies

All lovers of Hip Hop and the magic that was the 80s and 90s for both music and tv are welcome

Pop tab upcycled jewelry

You are welcome to be part of this team if you create pop tab upcycled jewelry

Tribe: Sisterhood of Makers

Etsy Team for the maker members of Tribe: The Return to Sisterhood on Facebook.

Hudson Valley Vintage

A team for Those who Wish to Grow their Businesses through Sharing Ideas and Experiences with Others

New England Furniture Sellers

This is a team for those of us who sell based out of New England -- Vermont, Northern MA, Southern NH and Western NY.

The Geekery Print Shop

Purveyors of the finest UK Geek Print artists.

Suppliers, Crafters and Buyers!

This team is to allow suppliers with buyers and more