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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Ethical makers UK

A support network of Etsy sellers in the UK who sell products made using ethical materials and practices.

Share Your Etsy Shop and Items

A place to get your shop and items noticed and promote one another.

Sustainable Ethnic Textiles

Empowering Ethnic Women of Sapa through education, teaching design, marketing, creating independent makers, celebrating traditional textiles

Artists and Artisans

A team for all artists, artisans, and appreciators of art. If you are a seller who sells handmade goods, or an artist, this team is for you.

Creative Provocations

"What-ifs", provocations and challenges to expand creativity (NOT a promotional team)


"BID-TO-WIN" is a team where members can promote their products through AUCTIONS.

Sales Announcements

This Team will be for shop's to share their Etsy Sales announcements in order to generate exposure for all of us on Etsy!

Boost your Etsy Sales

This is where Etsy sellers, from absolute beginners to veterans, help each other to boost sales by improving every aspect of their shops.

Jackson Square Artisans

Come Join the Jackson Square Artisans!

Greensboro NC Creatives

A team open for creative people living in the Greensboro, NC area :) Let's support each other!