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vintage clothes

vintage clothes , with tags

Team Workwear

For people who like rugged items with beauty

Custom Tees for All Occassions

We offer Custom Tee Shirts in Small To Large Quantities with NO SCREEN CHARGES! :)

Wire Goddess Team

Artisans, artists, and crafters of the feminine persuasion. addicted to working their wiles in wire.

Bead Embroidery Guild

This team specifically represents bead embroidery and artists who demonstrate intermediate-advanced level skills.

We <3 Natural materials

Hi! This team relate to everybody who prefer to work (wear, sleep in, present, buy, sell) with natural materials!


We are a consortium of Turkish artisans from the US and Turkey. Jewelry, leather, metalwork, and glassblowing are our areas of expertise.

Shells Sand and Sails

A team for people who work with different beach related materials.

Brides Heads Revisited

Bridal hair accessories and one of a kind work - about the tittle - I couldn't help myself!! I love Evelyn Waugh


Official Kimono team on Etsy! To all kimono lovers around the world!