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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Working Together 4 U Team

A Team of Etsy shops who will help promote each other and encourage fun, participation and sales.

Working Moms ♡

Hi everybody! This team is dedicated to all the moms that sell items on Etsy, join me!


Exactly as the title suggests - Working together through Etsy

Married Couples working together on Etsy!

A team of married couples on Etsy. A great place for married couples to communicate their successes and struggles experienced as a team!

European Co-Working

A co-working European team searching support and helping each other to grow and improve their shops together.

Working As One

Looking for members that WANT to help each other by Promoting , participating in Treasuries, In Need of Help, BNS, & Having Fun !

Friends Together Team

Friends working together to promote our shops.

Together We Are Stronger

Let's help to spread the word about our own and each other's businesses.

Troy House Shops

Partner shops working together!

Mother/Daughter Team

Mother and daughters working together!