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If you design any French or Parisian items join us

Get Social with Woodworking

Level the playing field get social.

Inspired By California and Baja California

This team is where artisans can see where the next creative field trip is. Where we can step out of the studio and be inspired.

Christian Networking

To find members of this team simply type "christnet" in the search field under (all items).

Art Marketing Studio

Marketing for artists on etsy

Crazy About Crochet

Come Join the Team! Share Free patterns, your stories, your experiences, and become a part of something special. * Do Not Post New Threads**

Annual VACTERL Benefit

This team is designed for those interested in participating in the annual VACTERL Fundraiser Run as a vendor.

Vintage Addiction

For the Love of all things vintage.........

The University of the Arts

Welcome UArts alumni! Join this team to share your work and connect with each other.