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This listing is for ONE large Mookaite tumbled gemstone, measuring approximately 1" long. These high quality, vibrant and beautifully polished darlings come from Australia.

This beautiful, hand selected and cleansed gemstone comes carefully packaged and lovingly tucked into an organza pouch for safe keeping or gift giving. As with all my crystals, it also comes with a list of recommended cleansing methods.


A Brief History:

Mookaite is a beautiful, warm stone characterized by random bands of vibrant color, varying between cream, mustard-yellow, orange, burgundy-red, purple, mauve-pink and brown. Also known as Mook Jasper, Mookaite is not actually a jasper at all. This gorgeous gemstone is, in fact, a sedimentary rock formed out of ancient fossilized sea organisms (called radiolarians), algae and ammonites. Mookaite attributes its name to the location where it was found, namely Mooka Creek in Western Australia.

Metaphysical Properties:

Courage and Strength to Follow Your Dreams:

Mookaite is a grounding and stabilizing stone whose specialty is broadening horizons. It fosters an attitude of open-mindedness and flexibility, dissolving the more rigid patterns of thought. Mookaite provides for flexibility and openness in opinions and for faithfulness in promises. It brings out a sense of adventure and inspires us to seek out new experiences, variety in life, and new viewpoints to learn from, while maintaining a sense of calm, contentment and confidence. This combination of qualities helps us to be more innovative, sociable and decisive. Mookaite also enhances creativity and the flow of new ideas into our life. It helps us to embrace and celebrate new circumstances, and imparts courage with which to face challenges. While encouraging versatility, it assists in dealing with negative situations and provides a shield of uncompromising strength in the face of danger. This remarkably nurturing stone also helps us to grow emotionally, it dispels fear and depression, and helps us to cope with, accept and effortlessly flow with changes. By providing a protective energy that helps to block unwanted outside influences, Mookaite assists in decision making at a time when we may be facing a dilemma. It stimulates clarity, helps us to discover all possibilities in a any given situation or issue, and then assists us in choosing the right one at the right time. Mookaite also promotes balancing needs with the requirements of the day, allowing us to recognize and to care for that which is of prime importance to our well-being.

A Powerful Healer:

Mookaite is a powerful healing and soothing stone that supports and sustains us during times of stress, bringing peace and a feeling of wholeness, and is very beneficial to those who suffer from nervous tension or have experienced emotional trauma. One of its many gifts is the ability to help us sense and attune to the Earth's natural electromagnetic energy and Life Force, which then reinvigorates our own, resulting in enhancing our personal power and strengthening our Aura, as well as allowing for a deeper connection to the eternal instinct of the Spirit within the human vessel. Mookaite teaches us to be kind to others and, quite importantly, helps us to be kind to ourselves, as well. It also provides protection and strength, as well as an ability of clearing harmful thoughts and behavioral patterns which are affecting our well-being. It further provides strong grounding and teaches to keep our feet firmly rooted while going through the deep internal shifts that it initiates. This stone is one of compassion and it is a wonderful companion for those suffering bereavement or individuals who feel lonely.

The Ageless Spirit:

Mookaite encourages a "Young at Heart" disposition and raises our vibration which can help to slow the aging process. It does so by bringing awareness to, and then helping us to change our internal beliefs regarding the process of aging, and by reminding us that the Spirit is eternal.

Mookaite is a stone of the "here and now", it helps to bring our attention to the present, instills calmness, and is a remarkable stone to have during meditation. That includes "living meditation", where we can make a meditation out of any activity while being present and conscious of our feelings, thoughts and emotions yet remaining neutral, calm and somewhat detached. It is a way of raising consciousness, elevating our level of wisdom and understanding, so that our manifestations and creations become more balanced, more spiritual, more prosperous, and more harmonious. Living meditation is also about being aware of the joy of every aspect of living and being.

A Spiritual Teacher:

Mookaite can also help us to connect with and honor ancestors - both, those of one's own family/bloodline/heritage, and the ancestors of the land we chose to settle on), bringing an intuitive understanding of the natural evolution of the Spirit. This ancient stone can also be used to access genetic memory to help awaken all of our latent abilities. When held during meditation, Mookaite can help with the release of old patterns that inhibit growth. Carrying Mookaite in the pocket can provide an extra boost of practical intuition. This intuition reaches beyond our own generation. In fact, Mookaite helps us to tap into our genetic memory, to understand and break free of emotional and behavioral patterns inherited from our ancestors and thus to clear ancestral Karma for ourselves and for generations to come.

A Shaman's Ally

As a shamanic stone, Mookaite is also known for its ability to facilitate contact with animals. It emanates the energy of animal knowing, or instinct, and it allows us to find the threads of our own instinctual capacities. That includes enhanced communication abilities with our pets, as well as contact with our Animal Spirit Guides, Totems and Familiars. Ancient Aboriginal tribes valued Mookaite as a rainmaker stone, while present day gardeners and farmers are said to use this stone for its ability to enhance growth of gardens by providing maximum growth conditions, and to help dehydrated and dry climates by bringing in moisture. Mookaite is also a wonderful companion and spiritual tool in facilitating vision quests, dream-work and astral travels. It provides protection and a connection between the physical and astral bodies. It grounds the physical body to the Earth during astral journeys, and is said to guide the Spirit in the right direction by illuminating its path for the highest good, and upon return, it restores equilibrium and helps to bring our awareness back to the body.

For Parents and Teachers:

The open-mindedness that characterizes Mookaite’s influence on us extends to a sense of intuition of ourselves and of those connected to us. Helping to understand children is such a quality attributed to Mookaite. It helps us to intuit and understand the issues that may be affecting a child, thus allowing parents, teachers or care-takers to better communicate with and fortify a child’s welfare and behavior. This ability is also said to extend to unborn children, allowing parents to better prepare for the arrival of a new baby.


Crystal Correspondences & Lore:

Mohs Hardness: 6 to 7
Chakras: Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus (Although primarily a lower chakra stone, Mookaite can improve the flow of energy between all chakras from Root to Brow/Third Eye.)
Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Capricorn
Ruling Planet: Mars & Saturn
Element: Earth
Energy: Projective

Totem Animals: Hedgehog, Turtle, Bear, Ant, Beaver, Antelope, Frog, Hummingbird, Crocodile/Alligator, Butterfly

Deities: Gaia, Demeter, Rhea, Athena, Ares, Geb, Mut, Tiamat, Ninhursag, Akasha, Corn Mother, Archangels Ariel & Cassiel, as well as other divinities associated with the Earth (incl. Agriculture, Irrigation & Rain-making), Dreams, Creativity, Courage, Compassion, Beauty, Wisdom and Healing.

Mookaite corresponds with Mabon (Autumn Equinox) and the cross-quarter holiday of Samhain.

Thank you for looking and please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

MOOKAITE (Large Tumbled Stone) Attune to the Ancient Earth Mother Energy - Strength, Grounding, Protection, Healing - Clear Ancestral Karma