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Lookout Jack is volume five of a project that i'm calling The Legend of Mermaids Tears. Rumour has it that some of you have yet to read the first four volumes, where have you been? Now is the chance to catch up.

For individual editions, visit my pther store on Etsy -

This listing is a chance to catch up with a discounted purchase price for the five books. Don't miss it.

The books are aimed at young readers, or as a bedtime story book, with early learning a priority. The story is a fantasy but refers to real history and follows the birth and growth of the coastal town of Seaham, once a thriving industrial town, now a commuter town for Sunderland and elsewhere, and known more for it's sea glass and beaches than it's true history. Learning can be fun!

This five volume set is being released over two years, courtesy of Kickstarter funding,to tell the story of Seaham, and the reason that it has become such an important site for finding Mermaid's Tears - Seaglass pebls that resemble tears and found in a variety of colours. Of course the easy answer is to say that they are formed from discarded glass, and the presence of a bottleworks on the cliffs at Seaham would certainly lead to this conclusion, but...

Just imagine, if you will, that Mermaid's Tears are real. Imagine that somewhere just offshore there are a number of mermaids living together, maybe even sisters, whose job it is to look after the local wildlife, the sea floor and the environment, despite the best efforts of the Victorians and their push to Industrialise the country. Who can say that this isn't the real story?

Add to this mix a local sailor, a Pirate it appears from his dress, who encounters one such mermaid and as a result his life changes forever. You will be asked to imagine yourself in the shoes of this Pirate or of a Mermaid and to imagine what you would do and feel if you lived in this period.

Book one - covers the period from 1805 to the middle of the century, the era that saw Seaham grow from virtually nothing into a thriving harbour community, attracting industry and people at an incredible rate, as well as railways carrying coal from many local mines. How the town began is a remarkable story of coincidence, foresight and determination.

Book two continues the story with the second half of the nineteenth century. A massive growth in industrialisation causes problems of pollution, damage to the environment and accidents. There's also some surprises in store and Jack finally gets up the nerve to try his hand at being a pirate - well sort of! We also see the next two mermaids being born, Coral and Marina. Learn about them as they find their new home fascinating to explore.

Book three - this book - continues through the troubled first half of the 20th Century and included two World Wars, both of which had an effect on Seaham and the North East coastline, from U-Boat attacks to bombardments carried out by Battleships, Zeppelins dropping bombs to an attempt to destroy Seaham harbour that went horribly wrong. A devastating time for everyone.

Book four takes us into an era of peace, for Seaham at least, and a chance to begin clearing up after decades of industrial abuse, bombing, mine-laying, pollution and massive disturbances to the sea life. As the mermaids work to make the area habitable, Jack concentrates on trying to communicate with the mermaids and help them to become better understood by humans, no easy task.

Book five concludes our story and is scheduled to become available on November 25 2018 - in this volume the story is brought up to date and concludes with an unexpected twist. See how Jack deals with the ever quickening pace of the modern world, while the mermaids find an unexpected problem.

Each book is illustrated by Becky Bumble who features on Etsy in her own right as well as working with me on numerous projects, including my Mermaid Cards and Sights of Seaham Print. The books are self-published and there is a limited print run of 1000 copies in perfect bound softcover form. Once these are sold, the book will continue to sell as an ebook, in PDF format on a separate listing that i shall create.

You can request a dedication and I am happy to sign the book for you at no additional cost.

A perfect gift for Christmas or Birthdays, either for a child, or an adult who is a fan of Sea Glass, Mermaids or Pirates. Launched on June 10th, the book will quickly sell out, so don't delay.

Purchasers will be added to a mailing list for notification of future volumes.

Any questions, please convo me. For larger quantities please convo me for a custom order.

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Meet peblsrock

Paula Newman

Paula Newman

Seaham, England

I welcome enquiries regarding custom orders. I am happy to consider making collectable pieces into jewellery items on request, where feasible. I know that many purists would flinch at this desecration of sea glass, but so many of you like to wear and show their sea glass rather than keep it for display that I have relented and will drill or wire wrap most pieces, unless they are cracked, flawed, or too old and fragile.
One of my most common questions is "how big is the piece of sea glass", or occasionally I receive feedback with a barbed comment, "I love the piece but it's smaller than i was expecting!"
Well, for the past three years, every piece has been photographed with at least one image containing a rule for sizing. If you only scan the initial image, this will not be apparent, although it is mentioned in the description and you are recommended to check. If the piece is large enough I will also include weight details, as some collectors appreciate this information. I will also add relevant details when the piece is spherical, or flattened,
Sea Glass has been submerged and sea tumbled, against rocks and pebbles, so while it does erode, it's not exactly fragile. However, it changes appearance when removed from the sea and attains a bloom as the salt frosts the surface. This can be overcome by the application of a tiny amount of oil, olive is good, or a simple unperfumed hand cream, just a tiny amount, to rehydrate the piece. My jewellery pieces have been treated before sale, but some of my collectables are left alone for fear of incurring the wrath of the purists. I understand both worlds, so i try to find a happy medium for everyone.
With my jewellery, i do try to use good quality fittings, and only sterling silver or decent quality gold. My rose gold is plated onto sterling silver, as are the gold earring wires. I rarely buy gold chains, but where i do they will be listed with precise details of quality.
Sterling silver is highly resistant to tarnishing, and my supplier, a well known silversmith in Birmingham, England, will always verify the quality of the Figaro chains that I purchase and the ear wires. A simple wipe should keep these items clean and bright, or maybe if they have received a lot of use, a silver dip. However, it is not recommended to submerge the sea glass in the dip as this may affect appearance of the glass.
Jump Rings are something that I am resisting using more and more.
Where a jump ring has been requested, or used, please be aware that I use Sterling Silver plated open jump rings. These are strong enough to maintain their closed status by closing them under tension. However, this will not prevent them opening when they receive a sharp tug, so when removing necklaces or pendants, please take care not to snag the item.
I now prefer to make my own closed wire loops using a good quality sterling silver plated wire. This helps in two ways, firstly they are closed and so overcome the snagging problem. The added bonus is that the wire doesn't have a need for the hole to be enlarged to accommodate the radius of the jump ring.
From years of experience, I have found that for most customers, a simple organza gift bag for my earrings, and most pendants, is an acceptable option, so i tend to include one for free with purchases.
Should you have a specific requirement for a gift box or some other wrapping option, you will need to click the custom order button or convo me separately to discuss what is possible. I am happy to take care of such requests, and to mail directly to recipients at specified dates when desired.
You only have to ask!
I already supply a number of stores around the US and the Caribbean and so I am happy to receive enquiries relating to wholesale supply of glass, drilled or undrilled, as well as earrings, pendants, postcards and prints.
To put it simply, just ask, I'll do my best to supply what you need.
Previous customers have included Tresors de St Barths and the gift shop at the Guggenheim in Berlin.
My tame illustrator, Becky Bumble can also be engaged to supply cards such as my Mermaid cards, and other items for your store, and online uses.
Pebl - My pieces are not "shards" nor are they "beads". Where there's no specific shape, to me it's a Pebl.
End of Day - A term that refers to the glass waste from the bottleworks that, at the End of the Day, would be tossed into the sea.
Multi - a piece of glass containing two or more distinct areas of colour.
Flip-Flop - A white or pale piece of sea glass, with a thin layer of another colour or colours running through the middle, so that the light striking the glass reflects the colour making the pebl appear to be half coloured, and yet when rotated, that colour flips to the other half.
Just in Time - A piece of glass that has almost lost it's colour from years of Sea Tumbling, so just a fleck remains.
A transatlantic agreement in 1854 specified the colours of containers for certain poisons, potions and substances, after a spate of deaths caused by accidental consumption of acids or caustic substances by careless Victorians. Carbolic Acid was the worst offender and so it was put in Bright orange bottles. Acids were put into red bottles, and alkalines (think Milk of Magnesia) was given cobalt blue. Then the makers began to play with the colours, for decorative items, and such things as perfume or ink bottles, both of which were very collectable.
Gold was added to red glass to make it brighter, and among the other substances used, Uranium was used to make a ghostly green glass, later sold as Depression glass. Ask me for more details.


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peblsrock made this item with help from

  • Becky Bumble, Seaham, England
peblsrock made this item with help from:
  • Becky Bumble, Seaham, England