Flower Essence Celtic Medicine Wheel Remedies, 20ml Tincture, Tree Essence, Animal Guide Essence, made in Cornwall UK

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Flower Essence Celtic Medicine Wheel Remedies, 20ml Tincture, Tree Essence, Animal Guide Essence, made in Cornwall UK



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We are not just a destination for creative goods, we’re a community pushing for positive change for small businesses, people and the planet.

  • Handmade
  • Dispatches from a small business in

    United Kingdom

  • Materials: Crystal charged Spring Water, Brandy, Glass dropper bottle

  • Volume: 20 millilitres

Flower, Tree and Animal Essences of the Celtic Medicine Wheel -
made with Flower/Tree/ Animal blessings, crystal charged, Icaro blessed, charged in the full or new moon, made with Chalice red/white Well spring water and Brandy

Essences are made by myself in meditation and journeying with each of the allies. and charged in the full moon.

Essences are made ceremonially by myself in meditation and journeying with each of the allies, information was channelled by working with these beautiful medicines.

Oak and Rose: Center of the Medicine Wheel
As deep as our roots are grounded Oak expands us equally up to connect with universal consciousness.
Connects us to our ancestral wisdom.
Brings in self unconditional love and all the blessings of the rose.
*** with Rose Petal Water

Horse with Turquoise:
Brings wild, untamed, liberated, free energy and way of being; Divine strength, presence, grace, love, compassion. Supports with gaining trust, being receptive, passive but also standing in your power, stepping into leadership, moving from the heart. Activates highly intuitive abilities, energy reading, healing, telepathy and clairvoyant.

Rose with Rose Quartz:
Unconditional love. Opening to divine union, balancing the masculine and feminine.
Supports in grounding, becoming aligned; strong in our centre but flexible, good healthy boundaries. Brings in compassion and self love. A powerful yet gentle teacher.
***with Rose water

East Direction Guardians

Birch with Super Seven
Breathing the sacred breath of life. Breathing fully the sweetness of life. Opening to let life move through you. Brings elegance and grace and radiates light codes through you. Connects to ancient wisdom, and the akashic records - weaves the tapestry creating our reality/ Universal dance of life's creation and rejoicing in life's beauty. Honouring our self within the collective.

From an open heart we soar through life lifted beyond the mind, new prospective arise, bringing new understanding.
Brings tolerance and patience. Opening to opportunity and welcoming in new possibilities.

Earthworm with White/brown Calcite
Delving into the darkness, coming into sacred service to all of life. Deeply grounding. Supports us with going with the flow, opening new energetic pathways, allowing smooth transitions through death and re-birth. Brings in alchemy of divine union. Nurturing and nourishing.

South Direction Guardians...

Hawthorn with Lapis Lazuli and Pink Tourmaline:
Brings courage to step through our darkness to reach clarity and truth. Opens the heart, brings child like innocence and playfulness. Supports embodiment of the divine feminine and masculine. Connects with the Faerie realm. Opens our crown to access celestial connection
*** With hawthorn flower water

Wolf with Tourmalated Quartz:
Guides, protects and supports us on navigating our way though our inner worlds. Union of dark and light, brings higher understanding in our souls growth. The warrior and the maiden, the seen and unseen. Brings strength, power of presence and being. Supports us to know thy self.

Bee with Citrine:
Expanses the third eye, brings wisdom, intuition, clear sight, abundance, collective knowledge, community and adaptability. Holds the vibrational resonance sound healing, works with the crown chakra and grounds through the second chakra. Embodies bliss of sacred union, service and creativity.

West direction guardians:

Willow with Emerald:
Opens a doorway into the enchanted world, a timeless time and space. Willow will carry you into the watery world of the subconscious mind, lunar cycles and rhythms, bringing balance and harmony; delves deep into our emotional body and encourages the expression of deeply buried feelings, easing sadness through tears and grieving; through loss lies potential for something new to grow, teaches lessons of life and death. . Willow reminds us of the need to let go and surrender completely and bringing a deeper understanding of our inner-most feelings. Brings deep relaxation, healing, softness, gentle nurturing and love.

Owl with Moonstone
The silent unseen. The mover between worlds. Navigating death and re-birth. The astral, the dreamland, the subconscious. Owl supports with inter-dimensional travel. The all seeing wise one. Brings awareness of different prospectives and the lessons, teachings and intricate weaving of why and how things are happening. Opens our channels for clairaudience and deepens our intuition. Brings us into balance and connection with the moon cycles, our inner rhythms and with nature.

Crow with Black Obsidian:
All seeing, all revealing, true sight. Travels between worlds and through all dimensions. A portal opener, a doorway keeper and guardian and a guide for deep journeying, helping to access these realms and support, protecting, guiding though the shamanic practice. Delves into the darkness, the shadow aspects, the unknown and the void, bringing insight and understanding.

Butterfly with Labradorite:
Brings courage to transcend fear through courage. Releases self-limiting beliefs, self-doubt and embraces change and the unknown. Assists with transition, transmutation, transformation. Supports with healing all levels of the aura. Awakens creativity. Butterfly supports with traveling through multi-dimensional realities and through the layers of our being, past, present, future and ancestral healing as well as healing for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Guardians of the North..

Elder with Amethyst:

Elder brings joy, sweetness of life. Lightness of being. Light consciousness. Codes of purity - cleanses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Works with the crown and heart chakras. White wisdom of the crown, the universal consciousness and the ancestral wisdom of the heart - brings green healing codes. Works with the sacred numbers 3 and 5 - 3 the holy trinity, power of creation and manifestation - 5 - protection, magic, the elements, grounding, spirit. Elder brings regeneration and the ability to grow and re-birth. Links life and death, represents completion.

Spider with Labradorite and Kyanite
Weaving the web of life. The magic of creation and manifestation. Healing through the etheric template body. Connecting with femininity; the Divine Mother, receptivity and creativity, tuning into the ebb and flow of life, weaving ones destiny. Spider brings patience, awareness and sensitivity to the subtle realms, subtle communication and subtle vibrations of our energy field. Supports work with our shadow self, and offering the many reflections of our faceted makeup. Brings the ability to view multiple angles and to see and weave with the mental and intuitive bodies.
Spider teaches the wisdom that everything we need is within and all we need to do is connect to the universe and express who we are. This medicine is then weaved from within us and woven into the web of life.

Mouse with Apophyllite
The watcher, taking in information and assessing situations. Brings adaptability, focused, present and a heightened sense of awareness. Fine tunes our 6th sense, opening clairvoyance, clairaudience. Brings a gentle, soft energy, and also a quick thinking, able to shift, move and adjust according to whats needed. Supports with stepping into our power, applying assertiveness and resourcefulness.

Guardians of the Upper World

Star Seed with Crystal Skull - Artemis - Shungite, Kyanite, Apophyllite

Star Seed Essence brings:
Alignment to your star seed origin
Star gate portal activation's
Lightbody activation's
Vibrationally supports the body in anchoring and crystallising the new starseed frequencies
upgrading the physical structure - dna activation's
Protection from EMF and all energies not in alignment with your vibration

Hazel with Citrine - Charged in the Summer Solstice energies and New moon
Lining the path and leading the way. Connects to and accesses Earth magic and Star, galatic and universal magic. A gatekeeper and doorway into the other worlds. Unlocks, awakens and empowers you to use your own special gifts. Grounds manifestation and abundance codes. Brings wisdom and inspiration.

Dragonfly with Shungite and Labradorite - Charged in the Summer Solstice energies and New moon
Wisdom of adaptability, transition and transformation of higher consciousness. Transmissions of light colour codes. Rebirth and metamorphosis. Supports with change and new beginnings. Purity of heart, inner strength and determination; they bring speed, elegance, lightness, immortality and regeneration. Brings joy, wonder and supports in shining your light in all your glory. Dragonfly brings a water initiation stepping between the veils into the unknown and journeys within the darkness, bringing clear vision, emotional healing. Connects with the nature and fearie realm, higher dimensional travel, and creates a new etheric body that’s light vibrational..

Guardians of the Middle World:

Ash with Black Obsidian:
Journey deep into the womb of the earth, connecting heart to heart. Knowing our place, knowing oneself and feeling connected, feeling at home. Teachings of deep mysteries and cosmic wisdom. Embodiment of ones truth, presence and power. Helps to break oneself open, like the seed of self discovery - cracking open the heart, freeing oneself. Tree of self initiation.

Grasshopper with Green Tourmaline:
Heart healing, sound healing, opening heart and throat chakra. Going beyond self limiting beliefs, patterns, habits and conditioning. Empowering inner strength, taking a leap of faith. Understanding and connecting with sound vibrations - using your inner voice, vocal transmission - connecting to the world through vibration. Healing on a deep level due to being able to access and finely tune into the vibrational level and the resonance needed.

Guardians of the lower world:

Yew with Shungite
The tree of life. Presence and power of being. Opening portal of earth energy connection, connecting with the lay lines and earth pathways; accessing earths healing energies. Brings transformation, transmutation and transcendence that arises from death - perseverance bringing achievement - strength of will. Death and re-birth, rejuvenation, resurrection, immortality and eternity. Works with the root, heart and crown, bringing down ancient wisdom, the old ways of teaching, shamanism, akashic record keeper. Yew brings protection and is the most ancient and wisest, is the grandmother and grandfather combined.

Cicada with Carnelian

Going deep into oneself. Brings your from the dark into the light, teaching how to hold the balance of these two realities; re-birth, new beginnings, longevity. Suppports in breaking out of ones shell, come out of hiding, break free from self imposed restrictions, time to shed your skin. Aids in self development, recognition and emergence of self throughout the various phases of the life-cycle. Past life healing; metamorphosis, reincarnation and change. Brings etheric light colour vibrations into the darkness, protection and softness. There message comes through their song, sound healing and brings reflection; expression of ones truth and personal development. When lost cicada helps you to find your way. Helps to release self imposed limits and all that does not serve, bringing positive emergence into new life. The song, sound healing supports channelling your own unique voice, being intune with oneself and to march to the beat of your own drum.

Spirit Guides:

Blackthorn with Lapis Lazuli and Pink Tourmaline :
Supports with self initiation on the path divine union, understanding our dark and light nature. Supports in transcending beyond our mind to connect with soul wisdom.
Brings protection, opens the heart, throat and stellar gateway.
Connects with the Fae.
*** with blackthorn flower water

Hawk with Blue Tigers Eye
Cuts through the veils of the unseen, truth is revealed. Precision embodied, clarity of truth defined. Master of the air element. Pathways cleared and aligned, hearts desire manifested into being.

Bluebell with Sugilite
After death and re-birth comes renewed life. Bluebell the awakened child. Helps anchor new frequencies of our souls truth and wisdom. Moving beyond previous concepts. Beyond earthly manifestations and up into a renewed sense of self, the cosmic child of the Universe. Brings connection to upper realms of our souls self identity; brings playfulness, wonder and renewed energy. Works on the throat chakra and third eye for truth and wisdom.

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Shop on Etsy and be part of a community doing good.

We are not just a destination for creative goods, we’re a community pushing for positive change for small businesses, people and the planet.

We are not just a destination for creative goods, we’re a community pushing for positive change for small businesses, people and the planet.

32 shop reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by Inactive 19 Jul, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so very much for this powerful flower essence and beautiful addition to my life. Love and Light :-D

Purchased item:

Laura Charlton 24 Jun, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

Unity of Heart custom Mala is worth every effort and every cent. I ordered mine from Colorado in the United States. It came today in really beautiful and thoughtful wrap that felt very personal to me. When I pulled it out it felt very amazing, solid like REAL materials rather than synthetic. The colors are more than I imagined and the one page guide detailing the stones/beads that were customized for me couldn’t have been more perfectly spot on. When I slid it over my head, I could really feel the energy. Unity of Heart was recommended to me by a colleague in a class and now I am recommending this extraordinary artist and gentle person to you reading this review. I am so pleased that I can actually claim the word “thrilled” without overstating. May the deepest peace be with us all in these uncertain times. ~Laura

Purchased item:

Jo Hancock 20 Feb, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

I love my custom made mala. The gemstones chosen for me are beautiful for both their actual quality and significance to my spiritual journey. It feels very special to receive such a precious thing, which will be treasured to reflect the amount of work and love that have gone into it's creation.

Purchased item:

joannesyron 03 Mar, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

what a beautiful mala, immediately i felt the energies and am going to use it for enhancing my meditation practice. it came immediately and i highly recommend her designs and products as they are ethical, full of love and light.

Purchased item: