Seller Handbook

Advice and inspiration for successfully running your Etsy shop

Inspiring Workspaces: Illuminated Perfume

To celebrate Earth Month, take a peek inside Roxana Villa’s airy apothecary, where she handcrafts perfumes using plants and flowers.

By Julie Schneider 19 Apr, 2014

Inspiring Workspaces: Anna D'Souza

Step inside the dreamy studio of this bridal wear designer, filled with light and lace, on the top floor of a historic mansion in Cornwall.

By Julie Schneider 28 Apr, 2016

Inspiring Workspaces: Neile

Take a peek into this woodland sanctuary made entirely from stained glass and salvaged windows.

By Julie Schneider 18 Aug, 2015

Inspiring Workspaces: Malam

Inside this French fashion studio, lies a quirky, clattering world of industrial sewing machines, coveted vintage fabrics and one-of-a-kind designs.

By Julie Schneider 26 May, 2016

Inspiring Workspaces: joeyfivecents

Susan Forker transformed an old barn from the 1800s into her dream jewellery studio.

By Audrey Manning 26 Jan, 2016

Inspiring Workspaces: KUPERWOMAN

Learn the story behind this jewellery seller’s studio, patched together with recycled materials in the Israeli countryside.

By Tess Duncan 10 Apr, 2018

Inspiring Workspaces: Maboue

Step inside this cosy woodland ceramic studio in rural Canada, where Soleil Fleming creates porcelain jewellery while raising her young daughter.

By Julie Schneider 12 May, 2015

Inspiring Workspaces: Lingua Nigra

Step into the enchanting studio in Brooklyn where Alicia Goodwin makes jewellery inspired by nature, Victorian history and medically macabre motifs.

By Julie Schneider 22 Sep, 2016

Inspiring Workspaces: Lemuette

Splitting time between a cow barn and a basement in Illinois, this printmaker has developed an ergonomic workflow to foster creativity and well-being.

By Julie Schneider 31 Jan, 2017

Inspiring Workspaces: These Isles

Could you take your Etsy shop on the road? See how one weaver runs her business while travelling the British countryside in a camper van.

By Julie Schneider 18 Aug, 2016

Inspiring Workspaces: MIMAW

With a tight budget, this couple built the studio of their dreams and created a collaborative co-working space for makers in Melbourne, Australia.

By Taylor Combs 14 Jul, 2016

Inspiring Workspaces: Internaht

This Etsy seller sews fresh, fun organic children’s clothes and is bringing new life to a historic German building.

By Julie Schneider 25 Feb, 2016

Inspiring Workspaces: Jen Hewett

Find out how this printmaker dreams big in the tiniest of studios in San Francisco.

By Julie Schneider 12 Nov, 2015

Inspiring Workspaces: Texturable

Peek inside the light-filled studio in Uruguay where Claudia Rosillo weaves together her love of nature with her family’s farming heritage.

By Julie Schneider 25 Jun, 2015

Inspiring Workspaces: WeAreArrow

Find out how this jeweller turned a shipping container into a studio and an inviting retail space in London.

By Julie Schneider 28 Jul, 2015

Inspiring Workspaces: PataPri

In a seaside sunroom overlooking Mount Fuji, this Japanese screenprinter makes baby blankets and bags for her 10-year-old Etsy shop.

By Julie Schneider 16 May, 2017

Inspiring Workspaces: (r-ki-tekt)

In an impeccably organised home studio in Atlanta, this Etsy seller makes bold accessories inspired by her Caribbean roots.

By Julie Schneider 28 Feb, 2017

Inspiring Workspaces: Yoyo Ceramics

In a compact London studio, master mould maker Helen Johannessen creates ceramics that trick the eye and spark a smile.

By Julie Schneider 08 Sep, 2015

Inspiring Workspaces: Two Potters

This husband-and-wife team transformed a crumbling dairy farm in Vermont into a solar-powered pottery studio with a colossal wood-fired kiln.

By Julie Schneider 29 Nov, 2016

Inspiring Workspaces: Freshie & Zero

This elegant jewellery shop, with a robust wholesale business, is headquartered in a former feed-and-seed warehouse in Nashville.

By Julie Schneider 29 Mar, 2016