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The UK has entered another lockdown. In order to minimise trips to the post office, physical orders will be shipped once a week. Order books will remain open for as long as the post offices do ♥



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Modern cross stitch patterns - geeky, sweary, feminist

I am a huge nerd at heart, and love a good bit of fandom-inspired art. I discovered cross stitch over Christmas 2016, and all of a sudden wanted ALL THE PATTERNS! As you can never have too many fandom references, I went looking for Firefly and Red Dwarf cross stitch patterns, but struggled to find just what I wanted. In the spirit of handmade, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own.

Never one to do things by halves, it snowballed rather dramatically from those two little patterns, and, in January 2017, I set up a humble Etsy shop to share my rather eclectic stitching tastes with the world.

And so, Fandom Cross Stitchery was born: celebrating the geeky, and immortalising it in tiny 'x's.

Gradually, FCS has expanded into other areas, such as feminism, vintage florals, and, more recently, festive fun, but I keep coming back to the good old geek!

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  • Helen


    Owner and creator of FCS. Responsible for everything from product development to tax returns, I'm a one-woman band. When you get in touch, it's me who answers, and, despite what my mug would have you believe, I'm actually quite friendly!

  • Beesly

    Morale Officer

    When not asleep on my feet, Beesly spends her days boosting morale around the studio, mainly by wriggling a lot and demanding cuddles. Her endless enthusiasm for life never ceases to make everyone smile.

  • Jasper & Molly

    Quality Control Inspectors

    Jasper and Molly take their role very seriously, thoroughly inspecting each (wrapped!) kit box for defects before shipping. If all's in order, I'll get the thumbs-up with a purr and a cheek rub. They've grown into their ears since this photo.

  • Chester

    General Supervisor

    With no time for shenanigans, Chester is perfectly suited to oversee proceedings, usually from an elevated position in the studio. He keeps the young-uns in line and ensures everything runs smoothly.

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Frequently asked questions
What will I receive?

Each pattern comes as multiple PDF files. You'll receive a selection including colour / black and white, without the backstitching (if applicable) and often different sized symbols for easier viewing. There is also usually an A4 paper size, and a US Letter size.

A sample pattern is shown in the listing but this is just a section of a random pattern to give you an idea of what yours will look like, and may not reflect the same design you are actually purchasing. If you wish to see a sample of the actual chart, just ask.

Some patterns will have two designs in one, in which case you will receive a selection of PDF charts. This is because Etsy only allows 5 files per listing. If you require a different variation, just ask.

Can you send me a different view?

Each pattern can be rendered in several different ways (e.g. different sizes, symbols, colours, with or without backstitching), and I try to include a good variety to find something that's easy on your eyes.

Etsy only allows me to attach 5 files per listing, so I often can't include all variations of a pattern. Please do get in touch if you'd like something different and I'll be happy to send it across

How do I get my files?

Once you've completed your purchase you'll be able to download the files. There are a number of ways to do this, listed here:

To view PDF files you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another way of reading PDFs. Acrobat can be downloaded free here:

How do I print my pattern?

First choose the file you wish to print. For black and white printers, and for simplicity, I recommend printing the 'symbols' or 'BW' file (rather than the 'colour symbols'), but if you have a colour printer or just prefer the second file, it's there!

Most patterns have two paper options: A4 and US Letter. The file names will include either 'A4' or 'US' . Once you've chosen the right file for your paper, all you need to do is click 'print'! Make sure it's full scale and not 'fit to page'.

Please note: some older patterns are only in A4, but I'm in the process of updating these. If you need a paper size not provided, please just get in touch and I'll get it across to you.

The symbols in the pattern are too small. What do I do?

I've tried to ensure a good balance between the size of the symbols and the number of pages to be printed so paper isn't wasted. That said, if you do find the symbols too small to work with, just get in touch and I'll gladly enlarge the pattern for you so it's easier to work with. This way it will print over more pages, and each symbol will be larger.

How much thread / fabric will I need?

Thread: More recent patterns have a thread chart photo to tell you just how much you'll need. I'm working on adding this to all my listings but it will take time. In the meantime feel free to drop me a line and I'll send it across.

Fabric: The pattern listing states the size in stitches and in inches on different counts of Aida (usually 14, 18, 20, & 28 count) to give you an idea of how big your finished piece will be depending on your choice of fabric.

Pattern Keeper Compatibility

Our files are compatible with the Pattern Keeper app (although it does not yet support backstitching / knots). For best results, choose a file with the pattern spread over a single page.

Most of our pattern files feature 3 different versions (black symbols, colour symbols, symbols on colour). To avoid confusing the PK software, make sure you only select ONE of these versions when uploading your file. If you'd like a file featuring only one version, please get in touch and I'll send it right across.

Do you have any free patterns?

Absolutely I do! Visit the website for loads of freebies; I add to them all the time.

What kind of packaging do you use? Do you offer gift wrapping?

I don't currently offer gift wrapping All kits come in their own box and are then wrapped for shipping, so the original packaging remains clean, unspoiled by address labels and travel dirt. This means you can gift them on easily.

I upcycle wherever possible, and I've spent a lot of time ensuring the rest of my packaging has as little environmental impact as possible. Full details can be found on the website:

Needleminder Magnet Info

To use the needleminder, place the decorative piece on top of your fabric, and the lone magnet underneath. Place needle on top of the decorative piece. To separate magnets, slide apart.

The magnets used for our needleminders are incredibly strong and can jump together from several inches apart. Do not place skin or body parts between magnets as they can be pinched or trapped.
The magnets are brittle. Do not allow magnets to slam together as they can chip, crack, or shatter.
Keep away from children;needleminders are not toys nor are they intended for use by children. Small parts can be swallowed and can cause serious health issues.
Keep away from anyone with a pacemaker or a nickel allergy.
Keep away from electronics & magnetic media.

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