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Express your inner light with beautiful, hypoallergenic, one of a kind pieces of art jewelry. Find something almost as special and unique as you.


What inspires me? Well you do! You're an original. Unique! You have qualities no one else has. You may be drawn to beautiful things that reflect a deeper meaning or hold sentimental value. You may enjoy a one of a kind luxury creation over that little blue box. If this describes you, then you probably love to wear jewelry no one else has. You understand the special meaning of having a one of a kind piece of art jewelry that no one else in the world owns. Only you. Because it was designed with you in mind. People like you inspire me.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16 kjv

I have a customer care driven philosophy to provide the best product possible, using the safest materials available at an exceptional value for you. Not everyone can afford to pay hundreds of dollars for custom gemstone artisan jewelry. I endeavor to make every piece as affordable as possible. This jewelry is meant to last for years, intended to be special and meaningful and to be given as gifts and durable enough to be considered heirloom jewelry.

Im a huge fan of convertible jewelry. Whenever possible and when the design allows, I try to make these pieces adjustable, changeable or interchangeable. You may want to change the charms on your earwires. Maybe take that stuning pendant off its chain and slide it on a leather cord for a totally different look. Perhaps wrap that necklace multiple times to create a new favorite bracelet. I have created custom bracelet sets of 3 that are easily linked together to form stunning necklaces. Pull sliding charms off of bracelets and add to necklace chains or earwires. Be your own designer and decide what works for you. You dont have to be locked into a specific look unless you love it and choose to wear it every day. Some pieces of course are made to be stand alone and that's because they were made specifically for you. If it speaks to you its probably meant for you.

When I really wanted to learn about making jewelry, (right around 2004 after one of my favorite necklaces broke with beautiful little multicolored glass beads strewn and rolling all over the kitchen floor) I taught myself how online. I discovered a whole world of artistry that has evolved over the years moving through a myriad of techniques and materials.
Wire wrapping is my favorite technique. Stainless steel, Copper and Gemstones are my favorite materials to work with. I enjoy having a comfortable place to sit and work, usually while watching a fabulous 80s movie (John Hughes films are best) or listening to music. (Ryan Farish - Bloom. Im just saying. It has THE most amazing instrumentals)!

My mom encouraged my sister and I to embrace our creativity early on. (Thanks mom!) I now encourage my kids to do the same. They are all creatively inclined in many different areas, whether it be writing, drawing, music or photography. I encourage them to follow their creative side and discover where it leads.

Read more about me and how and why I create what I do just for you.

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Frequently asked questions

COPPER is a pure, and very beautiful metal, that has been used for jewelry for centuries. Just ask every woman throughout antiquity. It is NICKEL FREE and allergic reactions to it are very rare. Copper is antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal. You don't have to avoid copper due to "green skin". This is not an allergic reaction. It's a natural effect called oxidation. Copper reacts with oxygen, perspiration and skin oils creating green copper carbonate on the skin. This reaction varies from person to person, some people seeing no discoloration at all. This may occur with any copper to skin exposure. It washes off and isn't harmful. Keeping copper clean and dry, removing any oil or perspiration helps prevent oxidation.


This surgical grade wire (the same used in surgical pins and implants and marine applications hypoallergenic) has the same rich silvery shine as platinum. Stainless steel won't tarnish like silver and is easy to care for. Just wipe with a soft cloth or soapy water. Stainless steel wire wrapped jewelry is very strong; almost indestructible, non tarnish, and durable. This means safe, effortless wear, always beautiful, shiny and strong. Stainless steel is not nearly as soft or malleable to work with as copper or brass. Working with steel is more labor intensive and requires hardier tools and more strength. You can be sure that any piece created with stainless steel has been forged with labor and care.


Pewter is considered the fourth most valuable metal in common use, after platinum, gold, and silver. Pewter is a tin-based alloy that has been used for centuries. Modern pewter alloys are made of at least 90 percent tin, with small amounts of copper. The International Tin Research Institute describes tin as being a green metal valued for it's non toxicity, resistance to corrosion and attractive. Modern pewter, called Britannia metal, is lead free, nickel free which means hypoallergenic. Pewter doesn't tarnish the way silver does. Like silver, pewter can oxidize when exposed to air, but unlike other metals, it oxidizes very slowly and evenly. This means your pewter may gradually develop a soft warm patina.


BRASS, contains large amounts of copper and so, carries with it the same properties as copper. Its a nickel free alloy of 70% pure copper and 30% zinc. It has a very sunny yellow gold color like citrine or a beachy blonde.

BRONZE is warmer than brass, consisting primarily of copper, commonly with about 12% tin. Another skin safe nickel free alloy. It has a much richer tone of warm honey like a high karat gold and strawberry blonde.

MySTeRieS and LeGeNDS Collection

The mysteries and legends collection is from a land of lore and legend where supernatural stories or other fantastic tales of supernatural origin are woven into beautiful pieces of jewels. Tales of good conquering evil, heroes rescuing fair maids, and true love conquers all. Mystery and legend envelopes this intriguing land.
You may meet a few kings, queens, warriors or pirates. Angels fly at the speed of light while time travelers leap in & out of time searching for the tree of life.
Supernatural tales come to life here! You will come across many beautiful and fanciful pieces of art jewelry that will capture your imagination and transport you to lands of possibilities, "what-if's", & stories that reveal truth, light, & the power of love

WELCOME TO GEMLIGHTSTUDIOS.COM !! Woo hoo! We are live and online on our brand new website. I would love for you to stop on by and visit.