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Welcome To Havasack. Havasack—a play on the word Haversack*.  The words are slightly different, but their use is the same. A sack that is easy to carry & has a practical use.  Havasack’s are made with 99% refashioned clothing & textiles.  Original parts of the clothing are incorporated into a Havasack--pockets, cuffs, buttons, & zippers are left unaltered & repurposed.

*In the early 1800’s, in the textile districts of northern England, the “Haversack” was born.  The worker’s used the Haversack to carry their havercake to work for their mid-day meal.  Havercake is simple bread made with Oats & water— the “Haversack” was ideal for carrying the cake.  The term Haversack endured World War I & World War II as standard military equipment.  Although its design & usage has changed, it original purpose is still at its core.  A practical way to carry with you what you need.