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Announcement    Naturally Preserved Flowers USING NO CHEMICALS OR MACHINERY by hand. FLOWERS PRESERVED TO ORDER -Please Contact us


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Naturally Preserved Flowers USING NO CHEMICALS OR MACHINERY by hand. FLOWERS PRESERVED TO ORDER -Please Contact us



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Real Flowers Preserved with thier colour, beauty and shape - Naturally

We are a small home based craft business located on the edge of Manchester.

Formed in 2019, some 4000 years after flowers were last placed in Egyptian Tombs; Pharaohs Phlower's was started, to preserve and prolong the wonder and beauty of flowers. When we began our idea was to capture joy and beauty of flowers for longer using a process kinder to the environment. In other words to give flowers an afterlife.
Our Flowers are NOT Glycerine fed
Our flowers are NOT Freeze Dried

The Ancient Egyptians knew the beauty and importance of flowers and even attributed the Lotus Flower with creation of their world. After research we settled on our present process which includes a natural silica sand, time and patience; and a little help from the Sun God Ra...

When we set up Pharaohs Phlowers in 2019 we wanted preserve the stunning beauty of flowers AND the Earth . The single largest producer of cut flowers in the world is Colombia, which exported an estimated 660 million stems in 2020. Other top producers are Ecuador, Sri Lanka and Kenya. WE DO NOT USE GLYCEREINE WHICH IS DERIVED FROM PALM OIL.

The global flower trade is rapid and episodic, which increases the industry’s environmental footprint ideally the aim is to get a bloom from field to vase in three to five days. That means a huge carbon footprint as stems may be transported up to 6,000 miles in refrigerated airplane holds. Millions of flowers are being transported around the globe by rail, sea and air creates an huge environmental impact.

Many of the flowers are grown in high-altitude, industrial-scale greenhouses, for disease, pest and humidity control and these flower farms can exceed 500 acres. flowers need heated greenhouses and that means domestic flower production can also generate high CO2 emissions because it’s electricity-intensive.

The flowers, which begin their cycle as red roses, are then bleached and treated and re soaked in dye; a very large scale industrial operation. The majority of preserved or what have become known as 'Forever Roses' are grown in Ecuador on a vast industrial scale, and when they reach full bloom, and are mostly are shipped to USA. Here they use more electricity in a stabilising chamber. This chamber has the ideal humidity, light, and temperature and afterwards on an industrial scale water and electricity wash and dry the flowers several days at a controlled temperature using even more electricity.

In this area rinking water comes from creeks and rivers in the Andes, that’s 1.5 million people, countless agricultural fields, and local industries relying on the over 4.5 billion gallons of water directly from the mountains each month.
With the agrarian reform of 1964, there was an increase in areas destined to agricultural production in the Amazon, mainly for the development of livestock and oil palm crops.
Agriculture exerts significant pressure on water, this being the main use of this essential resource for life. 81% of the water used in agricultural production does not return to the surface stream.
Forever ? Roses
The chemicals used in rose production are among the most toxic in the world, us there are very few regulations because they are not for consumption. For example 20% of the pesticides used in the rose trade in Colombia are not permitted for use in USA or UK because of their risks to human health.Residues from these chemical often leach into the soil and local water supply forcing small independent farmers to abandon their land as it becomes to toxic to maintain. Fertilizers are a key concern in the such industries because a great amount of fossil fuels are required to mine, process and transport. For example to produce 1 kilogram of nitrogen-containing fertilizer approximately 2 liters of oil are required.

The geography and climate of Ecuador makes the nation one of the ten most biodiverse countries in the world: with over 5,490 species of mammals, countless birds, and abundantly lush regions that range from tropical to wetland, there is much here to protect. Despite Ecuador being the home of the Galápagos Islands and many impressive protected areas, the government is focused on growing the economy — often at a cost to the environment.
At Pharaohs Phlowers we use a non – toxic totally Glycerine Free process which uses no electricity . Naturally drying the flowers over time in a silica substrate. Our flowers will last for years if kept dry and will not cost the Earth .

When Anthony, met with Cleopatra, the floors were covered with fresh fragrant flowers and when the Pharaohs tombs were opened some 4000 years later perfectly preserved blue flowers were found.

At Pharaohs Phlowers we cannot guarantee our preserved flowers will last 4000 years – but we can help ensure that both the Earth that has been producing flowers for 30 million years, will carry on ..

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    Our process is done entirely by hand and no chemicals or freeze drying machines are used. The slow natural process preserves form and colour ( although some changes should be expected) and the beauty of the original just how it looked when fresh.

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Care instructions

Your flowers have been preserved using an ancient Egyptian technique which removes the moisture content from the flower. When you receive your item please treat with care, they are a naturally unique product just like a real flower, and should be kept away from direct sunlight and kept in dry conditions

How long will my flowers last?

If kept in dry conditions out of direct continuous sunlight and treated the same way you would treat a delicate real flower , your preserved flower will last years. We have known flowers kept in the right conditions to last 10 years.
As with real flowers sunlight and time will gradually reduce the colours.

Gift wrapping and packaging

We have a range of gift wrapping and boxes available , the photo on the item will bean accurate picture of what you will receive. Packaging will change but you will always receive the item as photographed, as each item is made individually and advertised in the Etsy shop.

For special occasions we can personalise tags, wrapping etc. Please contact us for details via email, Twitter or Facebook, or use the Contact Message box on Etsy

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