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Sally Findlay

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I used to make little Beatrix Potter figures out of plaster of paris when I was about 10, that's my earliest memory of crafting. Jars of rubber moulds scattered round the kitchen all waiting to dry. I was always making something, but by 13 had dropped all art and creative subjects at school in favour of languages and sciences.
I got onto bigger projects, ending up taking a manufacturing engineering degree at Loughborough University, which I loved, and this time was playing with cast aluminium and robots. I was sponsored by Vauxhall and did papers on painting cars and in my final year used CAD/CAM to design and make golf clubs for Slazenger - processes they used for years afterward. I made a go-kart out of left over wood with some mates and they still call me "Go-Kart Sally" now. I made jewellery to make a bit of extra money in my final year but that was about all the crafting I was doing. My crafting got over taken by my maths skills, but really I was just doing giant crafting and they call that engineering.
As I worked my way up the corporate ladder I gradually did less and less hands on work but in the end went into business producing branded promotional products. My creativity was now channeled into marketing campaigns and I learnt a lot about design on computers.
I still made the odd gift here and there but not much.
Then I started Made In Molesey at the beginning of 2018, a craft group where people could bring crafts and have a go and meet each other. My job changed at this time and I started work cleaning computers and server rooms in offices - much less creative. So now I really enjoyed the serious work of the day alongside the frivolousness of messing about with scissors and sticky tape in the evenings (fitting around Zumba and hanging out with my fitness mates!)
People asked me to teach them things. So I did. It meant I had to do a lot of crafting to work out what to teach so suddenly I was regularly needing to make for fun. Plus I had a once a month get together to meet others who craft. I started to paint again and through chatting to others in the group I got spurred on to try more. I started to remember things I had enjoyed when I was younger. So now I paint and make regularly again. We ran a craft event in East Molesey and people came from far and wide and several people admired my work so I decided to finally open an Etsy shop. And that brings you up til now.

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    1. I don't like butter on sandwiches and toast, unless it is just butter 2. My first car was a Vauxhall Viva 3. I have had a detached retina, like boxers get. But I am not a boxer. 4. I can do the running man. 5. I love watching live comedy.

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