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Announcement    Due to the unreliability of national postal carriers, orders from the US, Canada and Japan will be dispatched via DHL Express, with a delivery time of 2-3 working days.


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Due to the unreliability of national postal carriers, orders from the US, Canada and Japan will be dispatched via DHL Express, with a delivery time of 2-3 working days.


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Ploughing my own furrow.

I've been a musician for a while now - up until quite recently my weapon of choice was a bass guitar, but having fallen down the rabbit hole that is modular synthesis I have a new way to make noise ...

I started out the usual way: buy a rack and a bunch of modules (ADSR, VCA, VCO, that kind of thing) and start making noises. Then I discovered the DIY scene and it all snowballed from there - sequencers, filters, logic modules ... four racks full of noisemakers later and I'm still not done.

My modules are Eurorack-friendly by default (3U high) - although I have 'proper' PCBs made for them, all of the soldering and testing is done by hand ... that includes all the surface-mount stuff in the newer modules.

I'm a big believer in the KISS principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid! If you want all-singing, all-dancing multifunction modules then this really isn't the place for you - similarly, if you're after ultra high fidelity then you may well be in the wrong place; I like my sounds to be lo-fi, dirty and more than a little bit strange.

Finally, yes, my modules are pretty cheap - the reasons for this are simple: I sell this stuff to supplement my existing income and to fund a hobby I enjoy - board runs are kept small (usually 10 at most) and I try to keep costs down where practical; this was one of the drivers behind switching to surface mount - that, and I enjoy the challenge of soldering SMD.

For the really curious, despite working as a software developer I do have a PhD in theoretical physics, specifically the numerical simulation of explosions. It isn't nearly as interesting as you might imagine :-p

Now, go forth and make an unholy racket!

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  • Simon

    Owner, Electron Wrangler

    Overqualified software developer and part-time synth-mangler - despite having a PhD in theoretical physics I have become quite adept at melting metal over things with a hot pencil and having them make noise afterwards. These are the results ...

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Frequently asked questions
Why don't you offer metal panels?

Short answer:cost.

On the scale that I (currently) work at, getting metal panels made is insanely expensive - to the point where the cost of the panel often exceeds the cost of the module itself. Metal fabrication to sub-mm tolerances doesn't come cheap.

Perspex is a good alternative - for the cost of a single metal panel I can get a sheet full of perspex panels made.

I get that people may not like the Perspex panels - nothing wrong with that. For those people I can offer the design files for the panels so they can get their own made in the material of their choice.

If you desperately want a module with a metal panel then submit a custom order and we'll sort something out, just keep in mind that one-offs are expensive.

I can't find your gear on ModularGrid ....

It's there, but you'll have to dig around for it.

I don't use ModularGrid much, so any information regarding my modules has been put there by someone else.

If you want to put one of my modules on ModularGrid then go ahead - you don't need my permission.

Do you ship to ....

If you're prepared to pay the shipping costs, then I'll ship to you.

UK orders will use first class Signed For by default. Particularly expensive gear or orders will use Special Delivery. International orders will use RM International Tracked and Signed _or_ International Tracked (if IT&S isn't available - eg. Brazil and Australia). Royal Mail only track the package whilst it is in the UK. After that, you should be able to use the same tracking number on the website of your national mail carrier.

RUSSIAN/JAPANESE CUSTOMERS: Royal Mail cannot process packages with addresses in non-Latin characters - I will need your address in English.

GERMAN CUSTOMERS: I will not deliver to Packstations due to an unacceptably high return rate.

What mounting hardware is provided?

An appropriate number of M3x10 machine screws (usually 2, 4 for larger modules). Users of Doepfer cases may find they need to use M3x8 screws instead.

For 99% of cases, this will work. If you use M2.5, 4-40 or whatever then unfortunately you'll need to supply your own mounting hardware.

Perspex sucks! I want to make my own panels ....

Then this is your lucky day ...

I can supply files suitable for use with Schaeffer's Front Panel Designer software and/or AutoCAD DXF files. SVG files are also available on request.

If you just want to cut your own panels out of a different material then DXF is probably what you want - just send it to someone with a laser cutter and you're good. If you wish to customise the panel then the FPD files will be your best bet.

Regarding returns ...

In the event of something not working, let me know - despite my best efforts, faults can happen and electrons are notoriously fickle beasts. Sometimes it can be 'operator error', other times it can be a genuine fault - in either event, be nice about it.

Basically, if something doesn't work then I'll offer you a replacement (or repair, where practical) or a refund - defective items should be returned to me at your earliest convenience (non-UK buyers: I get that returns can be costly - I'll deal with these on an individual basis)

Note that per the returns policy, you are responsible for return shipping costs.

In situations where something is clearly faulty, I'll generally process your refund straight away - no muss, no fuss.

My module has stopped working ...

That's unfortunate - sometimes these things happen.

Because I try to keep my module designs relatively straightforward there's a pretty good chance I'll be able to repair it for you. More often than not, this will be done free of charge.

Obviously, for this to happen you'll need to return the module to me - see the FAQ 'Regarding Returns' (above) for more info. You don't need to send stuff back via super-mega priority mail - a simple tracked service is adequate.

Note that you are responsible for the cost of return shipping - in the event of a module being irrevocably knackered and no replacement being available I'll do you a refund.

My panel has broken - can you replace it?

Short answer: more than likely, yes.

Longer answer: if it's a recent module then there's a good chance I'll have a couple of spare panels in stock, otherwise I'll have an appropriate panel added and submitted when I next put in an order.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to fab your own out of some other material (steel, aluminium, cheese etc.) then I can probably provide you with the design files to do just that.

Whilst I'm able to source metal panels, be aware that this is a) expensive (£20-25 per panel up to 4HP-ish) and has a lead time of at least a couple of weeks.

What size screws do I need for PCB/panel sets?

As you may have noticed, acrylic panels are slightly thicker than the aluminium panels that other modules use (3mm vs. 2mm) - this means that you will probably need to use longer screws for mounting.

Experience has shown that in _most_ cases, 10mm machine screws will do the job, and I supply M3x10mm machine screws with complete modules.

However, if you're using a Doepfer case then the 10mm screws are marginally too long, even if you use a washer. In this situation, I recommend using M3x8 instead. M3x6 _might_ work, but don't count on it, particularly if you're using washers as well.

Alternatively, you can fab your own panels - I can supply design files for this.

Is your stuff really hand made?


Contrary to popular belief, hand-soldering surface-mount componentry isn't difficult unless you're talking about the really small stuff (ie. 0603 and smaller) - given a good quality, temperature-controlled iron, a steady hand and plenty of flux it is much easier and quicker than through-hole. You don't have to muck about trimming leads down, either. You don't have to muck about trimming leads down either.

All of my SMD modules use either 0805 or 1206 passives and SOIC ICs - diodes are SOD-323. Even my 40-something eyesight can handle these. SOT23-6 is the work of the devil, though (I can hand-solder it, but it's a faff)

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