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LATEST PURCHASE DATES to ensure your package arrives by XMAS (UK):
Standard Postage: 15th Dec
Express Postage: 20st Dec
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Natural. Hydrating. Refreshing. Effective.

dew's creation can be traced back to one thing: silicones. Their presence in so many hair products is what led me to design my own all-natural, silicone-free products that would be easy to use and show actual results. What was most devilish about the silicone hair serums was that they do work, but only temporarily. In the long run, they lead to brittle, suffocated hair. I wanted a hair product that did what it said on the tin with no side effects.

That was how the Hair Essence Spray came to be. And from there, my appetite for more natural products only grew.
Now, I have the all-natural and cruelty-free dew 💧🌷.

A quote from acupuncturist and herbalist, Sara Crow: ”According to ancient philosophers and numerous traditions, dew represents the Universal Spirit in condensed form, and an alchemical elixir of life that appears out of the vastness of the calm, clear, night sky to offer nourishment and regenerative power."

Made with anti-anxiety aromas in mind. Natural. Hydrating. Refreshing. Effective. That is dew.

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Last updated on 05 Nov, 2021
Frequently asked questions
I like both scents, which hair essence should I go for?

Both products are intensely nourishing, but Rose offers that little extra boost in hydration, while Orange Blossom gives your hair more of a shine.

Is it normal for the Face Mask to feel cool when I first put it on?

Yes! That light cooling sensation you feel as it dries is the mask getting to work on your skin.

How long can I leave on the Face Mask?

The recommended time is around 10 minutes, but if you’d rather go on feeling, keep it on until it just begins to harden into a crispy coating. You want to rinse it off right before it reaches that stage and not allow it to harden completely.

Does the lip balm have any flavour?

Neither the dawn nor dusk Lip Balms contain any artificial flavourings. However, the honey used in the dawn Lip Balm gives it a mild, sweet taste. Similarly, the raspberry in the dusk Lip Balm can give it a slight tart flavour.

Is it OK to lick the Chocolate Lip Scrub off my lips?

99.2% of the scrub’s content is actually edible, but simply because of that 0.8%, we wouldn’t recommend making a habit of licking it. Rinse off with warm water.

What’s the deal with the rose and orange blossom?

All of our products titled Rose or Orange Blossom contain Rose Water or Orange Blossom Water respectively. They are powerfully hydrating ingredients that carry a soothing aroma proven to reduce anxiety.

Which of your products are VEGAN?

It would be easier to list which products are not vegan: the Multi-purpose Salve and anything from our lip-care range (due to beeswax and/or honey). Everything else that we offer is completely vegan.

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