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This is Etsy's wholesale marketplace, where retailers and designers express their creativity through the buying and selling of things you won’t find in your average store.

Over 10,000 retailers stock their shelves with goods from the independent designers and makers who sell here. Their customers get to discover designers who live in their neighborhood and around the world, and designers get to see their creations sold in stores from small town boutiques to large, national retailers.

Etsy Wholesale is a private marketplace, which means you have to apply to buy or sell.

Once you’re in, you’ll experience the same direct connection with creative people as on Etsy–people from all over the world who are just as passionate about unique, high-quality goods as you are.


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We were thrilled at the opportunity to work with Etsy. The ease and simplicity of having an immediate and deep connection to such amazing artists is game changing. As a museum store our customers are always looking to us to provide a meaningful connection to independent artists from all over the world, and Etsy Wholesale does that with beautiful simplicity.

Ryan Ross, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Head of Retail


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The connections I’ve made through Etsy Wholesale have grown my confidence in showing and selling my work. When I applied, I was asked which three shops I would love to work with. I am now in two of three of those shops. Selling wholesale has given me the confidence to continue to grow, develop new ideas, and forge new business relationships.

Charlotte Cannon of The Vintage Vogue


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Our collaboration with Etsy speaks directly to Whole Foods Market’s Core Values. By developing longstanding partnerships with artisans both locally and nationally, we can satisfy and delight our customers, and continue to provide them with unique product offerings that they are looking for. Many of our small vendors live in these communities and by working with them, we’re able to connect deeper with our neighbors and generate a stronger relationship with our customers.

Tanya Seber, Whole Foods Market

Northeast Senior Whole Body Coordinator
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Where retailers connect with wholesale-ready independent designers

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