Pedricks' Shop Announcement

Handcrafted aromatics I create from plants grown here at Pedricks. I weave lavender wands in over 25 colors and 4 sizes! Why don't you see them here? Because by now (April) each year, all of last years wands are gone and I can't make more until this years new crop is ready. Only summer blooming long stemmed English lavender, can be used to make lavender wands. So these can only be made during a short 2-3 month period of time each year. Too soon and the flowers are too moist, too late and the stems will break instead of bend.
Once the lavender begins to grow again, I post new ads for advance orders. You can specify how many of each color you want, in the sizes you want, and these advance orders are always filled first, before I restock my inventory here on Etsy. A scan of the 25 colors of ribbon I use can be found in each ad for the wands.
The wands themselves last for many years. I have seen photos of a wand over 40 years old with the caption that it still smelled wonderful!

Shipping: I only use USPS Priority Mail boxes, so you always receive a tracking number.

As soon as I can assess this years crop and ensure availability of wholesale orders, ads for wholesale orders will go up. You are welcome to write me regarding wholesale orders.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.