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We produce high quality natural wooden teethers for babies and toddlers. All our designs are made by us and regulary recreated for you when make an order. We specially made teethers friendly for babies: ergonomic design, nice fit to hand and comfortable teething possibilities in the same time. All our teething toys are unfinished: no beeswax, no oils, only well prepaired wood. What does it means? It means that our wood is not green wood or refurbeshed from old cabinet. All our teethers made from kiln dried wood. What does it means for you?It means that wood is well dried and insects disinfected. So this wood can't contain insects and other live microorganisms like in green wood. The other side: dried wood can shrink from the water and return to the original size when dried. The green wood is always full of water and can't be dried by normal conditions like dried wood. That is why it can be very attractive to insects and other microorganisms.
Generally we insist that natural and organic teether have to be without finishing at all except carefully made sanding. Our sanding includes several sanding stages (from the lowest grade to the highest grade). It's very time effective stage, but only this sanding is possible to call teethers teethers and to be sure it won't harm baby. All teethers are handmade, so it always tested and inspected during creating process. They are sanded all around until the hand won't feel any imperfections.

We use only alder wood for teethers. DO You know Why?
ALDER wood is used in food industry and in medicine.
The alder is extensively used for throat, gum and tooth problems and also to cure injuries.
Natural alder wood has a very pleasant taste, so it encourage to explore it again and again in different places and in different variations.
Besides alder wood doesn't have sharp grains.
Our teethers don’t cause an allergic reaction.
Wood is always warm on touch. Silicone teethers placed in freezer can be helpful, but in a most cases Baby doesn’t like to grasp and to hold them and even to teeth them.

P.S. Wood is always alive!!!
Even when it's dried and even when it's coated hundred times, it's natural and live!!!

Some important information:
Dear Customers, I know that You buy baby toys for gift and for your own babies. I see a lot of baby toys made from different kind of woods. Pls, be carefull! Tropical woods ARE NOT FOR TEETHING! It's poisonous! Wood is ALWAYS alive even if it coated! Tropical wood evaporate poisonous oils. It's prohibited to work with tropical woods without gloves and over special devices, because of tropical woods irritates skin and cause allergic reaction. It's NOT SAFE to use toys from tropical woods (like cocobolo and etc)! Don't experiment, please! It's not for Babies and not for teething!
Best wishes to You and Your Family!
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To Europe it takes approx. 5 working days.
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To other countries it takes approx. 14-18 working days.
Generally ALL parcels CAN BE LATE up to 45 days.

So, pls, don't contact me to track your package less then 30 days left from the order.
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