WedgewoodRings' Shop Announcement

April 16 orders will ship by May 16. WedgeWood Rings takes a limited number of orders per month. 5 Black Zirconium or Damascus orders remain. 0 Titanium ring orders remain. 0 Hand-wrought Damascus orders remain.

Notable Rings:

Here is a list of available styles and prices (though this does not show the many dozens of wood options)- far too many to picture):


We love the simplicity and beauty of natural wood rings. All WedgeWood Rings are handcrafted, sanded, and polished using wood that is carefully selected specifically for making rings. Each wooden ring is sized, made-to-order and unique. WedgeWood Rings are made of recycled woods or purchased from eco-conscious sellers. All rings are given multiple coats of a clear, durable finish to ensure the ring remains structurally sound and beautiful with minimal care on the part of the wearer.

WedgeWood Rings get its name from the location of the original humble workshop: the basement of a house located in the South Wedge neighborhood of Rochester, NY.

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WedgeWood Rings now has a blog! See whats new in the shop, get a preview of new woods, and see previously shipped orders.

CUSTOM WORK? Custom widths, wood combinations, finishes, and profiles are very likely possible and in most cases without extra charge.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.