catdancingranch's Shop Announcement

Beads for you and beads for me, beads for the cats, and beads, golly gee! Beads and jewelry supplies for artisans and artisans-in-training alike. We (me, the cats, and the voices in my head) have beads. Garnet beads, lapis beads, peridot beads, turquoise beads, rainbow moonstone beads, opal beads, labradorite beads, amazonite beads, and more!

We have rocks galore, the cats and I. Selenite wands and kyanite blades. Pendants of sterling and stone. We have earwires, too. And beads. Black lava and blue sponge coral beads - earthy, textured, organic looking - dainty, delicate frangia bamboo coral beads in red and pink, and elegant, classic South Sea shell pearls, waiting to be strung or wrapped - all just waiting for you.

We've got beads,and we've got you covered.

The newsletter and website are coming along s-l-o-w-l-y. You'll be invited to sign up for the team Jewelry Tribe newsletter. When you join the newsletter list, you'll entered into the drawing for $100 worth of beautiful and bodacious beads.

All of the jewelry making supplies here, rockin' at the ranch, are just waiting for YOU - awaiting transformation into ethereal and iconic designs by the hands-down, absolutely best buyers on the planet.

Stay tuned to Planet Cat. We're havin' a rockin' good time here at the ranch!

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