The owner of lilymeru is on vacation.

= Apr. 15th =
Thank you for your waiting. Next time - Open: Apr.16th ~Apr.30th US time. From
16th~20th, I'll list a lot of fabrics. Thank you.

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lilymeru's Shop Announcement

= Apr. 04th =
Today still 25 customers have been waiting for their parcles to ship. I also have some personal orders. Though I have a lot of fabrics, now I can list a few. I'm sorry I can't reply your inquires and also ship your parcels quickly. I'll ship your parcels in turn. It takes times, I'm sure to ship all of them as soon as I can. But If it takes more to ship them, I'll close my shop for a few days in future. If you want to ship your parcels quickly, please ask me before you place your order.

= Mar. 19th =
I'll list a lot of Liberty fabrics and some fabrics by Atsuko Matsuyama in this week.
Next week, I think I can list some new fabrics by Atsuko Matsuyama.
If you want to keep your orders, please tell me.
Also if you want to ship your parcels quickly, please tell me before you place your order
to your cart.

I'll ship your parcels in 5days ~ (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays).
If I received a lot of orders, usaully I'm sorry it takes more.
If you ordered 2 FQs ~ or some pieces~, I usually cut 1 continuous piece.

Now I ship most of orders by registered air mail.
Without tracking No., after I shipped your parcels, I don't know where it is.
If some accident had happened, I can't refund or resend.
So I recommend to ship your parcels with tracking No.

If I receive 1 ~ 3 items, I'll ask you which shipping method you prefer?

☆Etsy calculates automatically.
After I shipped your parcel, I combine your shipping cost, and depends
on the shipping cost, I'll refund. But I'm sorrry, usually it takes times.

Be sure to read shop polices before you place your orders.

I'm sorry I don't discount.

I am happy to ship all items to worldwide.
I don't ship your parcels to Japan. - 現在、日本には発送しておりません。

I'll ship your parcels as merchandise or others.

Shipping cost includes handling.

I accept paypal only at this time.

I'll send the parcels to Etsy address, not Paypal address.

If you want, I'll ship your parcels by EMS.

Thank you for visiting! Please enjoy!