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    Learn More About Jewelry

    Etsy jewelry shops are masters at creating personalized and customized pieces of jewelry, whether you’re shopping for yourself or in the market for a thoughtful gift for her. Here are just a few of the handmade pieces that can be customized especially for you when you shop on Etsy:

    • Engraved jewelry, one of the more popular ways to personalize jewelry, can feature a name, an important date, or a special message. Jewelry shops on Etsy can engrave necklaces, rings, and bracelets.
    • What better way to celebrate someone’s individuality than by gifting them jewelry with symbols and stones inspired by their birthdate? Birthstone jewelry and zodiac jewelry fit the bill.
    • Celebrate anniversaries and other relationship milestones with couple’s jewelry like coordinating necklaces, anniversary rings, and bracelets.
    • Custom jewelry like monogram and name necklaces make a specialized work of art out of your gift recipient’s name.
    • Body jewelry is a prime candidate for customization, from the metal choice to the gemstones.
    • Commemorate a lost loved one or pet with personalized cremation and memorial jewelry, lovingly made by an Etsy artisan.

    Buyers turn to Etsy for beautifully crafted unique jewelry pieces. From the latest jewelry trends to bespoke customized pieces made especially for you, these are the most popular types of jewelry on Etsy:

    • Earrings come in a range of styles, from clip-on earrings to comfortable nap earrings to stunning statement pieces.
    • Bracelets like bangles and charm bracelets give wrists a little pizzazz, and hand-woven and braided bracelets tie on and stay put during workouts or activities.
    • Brooches can be used to customize a shirt, hat, or jacket, while sweater clips keep your cardigan together with vintage flair.
    • Necklaces like chokers, pendants, lockets, and monograms add sparkle to your neckline. Shop talented jewelry designers’ pieces on Etsy for a vast selection of necklace styles to wear to add to your everyday look, complete a special occasion look, or to gift to someone special.
    • Rings come in many different forms, like multi-tiered stackable rings on trend, signet rings to celebrate anniversaries, and unembellished bands made of silicone that withstand the wear of the outside world.
    • Watches make a timeless addition to your daily jewelry collection. Whether you prefer a classic leather wrist watch, the old-timey charm of a pocket watch on a chain, or ultra-modern smart jewelry like a smart watch, there’s a timepiece on Etsy just waiting to be discovered.
    • Cufflinks and tie clips can add the finishing touches to a suit or formal occasion look.

    Looking for a special piece of vintage jewelry? Etsy vintage sellers expertly curate collections of vintage jewelry. Some shops specialize in a certain era or piece, while other vintage jewelry shops on Etsy offer an array of styles and decades.

    Antique jewelry provides the opportunity to experiment with traditional styles in contrast to modern fashions, adding intrigue and interest into your look. Vintage pieces of jewelry also make great gifts for the antiquarians in your life, whether for rounding out their collection or serving as a remembrance of their past.

    Vintage jewelry also adds a final, authentic detail to a costume look. Be the belle of the ball with period-accurate jewelry pieces at your next decade-themed costume party, or dazzle trick-or-treaters at your door during Halloween.

    Bridal jewelry adds glitz and glamor to your wedding day look, and even after the big day, the wedding jewelry you select will always be with you as a symbol of love and togetherness. Explore jewelry designers on Etsy and choose beautiful wedding jewelry that honors your special love story.

    From engagement and bridal ring sets, to men’s jewelry and thoughtful jewelry sets to give your bridal party, shop handcrafted, vintage, and custom jewelry pieces that add a twinkling touch to your special day. Your treasured wedding jewelry is perfect for wearing during anniversary celebrations or when you go out for fancy date nights. You can make wedding jewelry a family heirloom by eventually passing them down to your children and children’s children to wear at proms and homecomings, graduations, and their own weddings.

    Knowing how to clean jewelry helps your prized pieces stay in tip top shape. Sellers on Etsy have a variety of jewelry cleaning supplies like soft cloths and cleaning solutions to help you care for your pieces. Regular cleaning of your jewelry helps keep skin oils and natural weathering from deteriorating the metal finish, preserving the piece for years and elongating its life. There are different methods for cleaning different metals, but these basic steps will ensure your treasured items stay shiny and looking like new:

    • Add a few drops of dish soap to some warm water. Degreasing dish soap works well.
    • Dip a soft, lint-free cloth like a microfiber cloth into the mixture, getting just enough to cover the piece you’re cleaning.
    • Gently buff the jewelry piece to remove tarnish, which might take a few trips back to the dish soap depending on soil level.
    • When the natural color of the metal is finally revealed, rinse with cold water and gently buff dry with a clean cloth.
    • Other at-home DIY methods recommend substituting toothpaste or a baking soda solution for dish soap.
    • For super sparkly jewelry, keep your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in a jewelry organizer away from direct sunlight and moisture. Sellers on Etsy offer tons of jewelry storage options to help keep your favorite pieces in pristine condition.