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    Flower girl dresses come in many different styles, colors, and fabrics. Traditionally, flower girl dresses looked like miniature wedding dresses and coordinated with the bride. Today, flower girl dresses are designed in all different styles including bold colors and cute accents. Etsy sellers can customize a flower girl dress just for you. From purple flower girls dresses to pink and burgundy, the color palette for your flower girl’s dress can complement the gowns your bridesmaids will wear or be a standout color. Long or short, the length of a flower girl dress is up to you. Listing details will share the approximate measurements of a flower girl dress on Etsy and you can work with an Etsy seller to customize the fit as needed.

    From simple flower girl dresses to lace flower girl dresses and nearly every style you can imagine, you’ll find a flower girl dress on Etsy that matches the theme of your special day. Etsy sellers offer many ready-to-ship flower girl dress options, allowing you to select the length, color, and special details. Choosing a contrasting color, either lighter or darker than the colors your wedding party is wearing, is a popular choice to help your flower girl stand out. Burgundy flower girl dresses and champagne flower girls dresses are beautiful choices for this reason. You can also create a custom flower girl dress by working with an Etsy seller to bring your unique vision to life. You can choose the fabrics, pattern, color, and accents for your custom flower girl dress.