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Jai Johnson Fine Art

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Anonym am 10. Okt 2011

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Very fast shipping and the card looks great matted. Thank you!

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Anonym am 02. Nov 2009

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This painting is simply gorgeous! Thank you!

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Anonym am 16. Mai 2009

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Beautiful; the colors are so bold- just perfect. Thanks.

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Finding Serenity and Capturing It

I spent almost 20 years miserable and unhappy doing what everyone else thought I should do with my life. And it was anything but peaceful. Eventually, I started delving into my creativity again. See, when you're truly a creative soul, you just can't turn that off. It's a part of who you are. It never leaves, though you might suppress it for years. It's always, always there. Slowly, I began to tap into it again.

And now, finding serenity and capturing is my full time job. Road by road, path by path, and step by step, I seek it. I've removed myself from the corporate world I worked in, quieted the turmoil of a dysfunctional family life, and found myself again. I've stepped out of the busy-ness of the world, removed myself from the liars, users, nay-sayers and drama queens I had become entangled with, and walked out into the woods in the middle of nowhere. After I caught my breath from the whirlwind of living a non-authentic, overworked, and stressful life, I started taking pictures again.

I find serenity in beautiful scenes in front of me, the sweet sounds of songbirds, the fragrant scent of a rose in spring, and the whoosh of an eagle's wings above. I find serenity by the river, just listening to the water lap against the rocks on the shoreline. I find serenity down a quiet gravel road in the country. I find serenity as I stand in front of forgotten old barns, overgrown with weeds. I find it beside ponds, in cotton fields, and in swamplands and in so many other places, most people don't even know exist.

I've been told and told over and over again, the only way I'll be successful is if I can give something of value to the world. The peace and serenity I find is the most valuable thing I have to give. I will walk as many forgotten paths filled with brush and undergrowth I have to in order to capture it, then bring it to others. I will spend as many hours as necessary to take that picture I've made, and create a masterpiece of art out of it in order to bring that serene moment... that special, peaceful little something... into the environments of those who need it. Because experiencing one serene moment may be all that's needed to turn a dark moment into one filled with light. Because escaping into serenity can take an anxious heart and calm it in an instant. Because immersing oneself into serenity can breathe life into a tired soul again.

As I look back at where I started on this journey, the events I went through in my life, the relationships, the jobs, the moments I'd just rather forget, I decided something. I decided there is nothing I'd rather spend my time doing, than to capture and bring serenity into a world so desperately in need of its presence. See, I don't just think the world needs it -- I know firsthand it does. And I'm thrilled to be a creator of illusive, peaceful, serene moments featuring nature and wildlife -- and to be able to bring them to you.



  • Jai Johnson

    Inhaber, Artistic Photographer

    I find serenity in beautiful scenes in front of me, the sweet sounds of songbirds, the fragrant scent of a rose in spring, and the whoosh of an eagle's wings above.


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As a true artisan, I appreciate your interest in my craft and hope you will find something you like here in my Etsy listings. I believe in treating people how I want to be treated, so as a customer, you will be treated with respect and kindness, as that's what I wish to receive as well. InJoy, Jai Johnson

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