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Listing Photos

We ask that listing images be only of the actual items for sale. This means that the item in your listing photos should be the same item that buyers will receive when they make a purchase from you.

Using commercial stock images or other’s images of items similar to your own is not permitted. Etsy defines stock images as any image produced by individuals who are not involved in your shop for items they have made. We also restrict the use of digitally produced, mocked-up, or rendered images that aren’t of the finished product. 

Listing photos for handmade items

Listing photos should be of the finished product made by the Etsy seller.

Every handmade item is unique, and your listing images should showcase this. Different handmade techniques produce different results, and it’s important that the images used for listings accurately reflect the product that a buyer will receive. 

For example, Etsy sellers use many different image transfer techniques to produce printed clothing, and the variations of finished products produced by these techniques cannot be accurately represented with digitally engineered or commercial stock images.

Listings for custom items

When listing custom items, if it is not possible to list a photograph of the actual custom item, we ask that you use examples of your similar previous work in the first listing image. This is to give your buyers the most accurate idea of what their custom-made items will look like when they’re completed.  

Images created by the seller with the aid of computer software may be used in the additional (second through fifth) listing images to give buyers examples of customization options.

When listing personalized or custom embellished commercial items such as monogrammed or engraved accessories, your images must show the embellished, finished item rather than the blank product you’ll be altering. 

Listing images for sellers working with production partners

In cases where it’s difficult to photograph finished items before they’re sent to buyers, sellers may use listing images supplied by their production partners. This is because the item in the photograph is the actual, finished product being designed by the seller, made by the production partner, and sent to the buyer.

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