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We aim to make your gaming more fun than ever! This package of three unique puzzles can be incorporated directly into any fantasy game that you are planning. Although with each puzzle we include a brief possible back story (as described below), those story details are omitted from the clues themselves so that the GM has the maximum amount of flexibility in using them (for example, we don't include names, places or super specific story elements on any of the actual paper props.) Additionally, each puzzle has more than one clue to offer the players. Feel free to get creative on how you will provide those clues to the players (i.e. make them earn the pieces one at a time, provide the collection of what they need at the end of a minor quest, etc. Our Dungeon Puzzles Collection comes with three separate puzzles: One requiring logic, one requiring decoding and one requiring a combination of logic and process of elimination. All of the paper props for the puzzles have gone through our four step aging process to make working with the puzzles themselves a lot of fun!

The three puzzles include:

The Three Lost Brothers Puzzle: This puzzle involves the collection of three different logical statements. How you choose to award/give the three statements is up to you, though we provide a fun way to do so in our back story detailed below.

Possible back story for the Three Lost Brothers Puzzle: One brother set off for adventure in search of treasure. He came across a wizard who had a reputation for both helping and misleading those who came to him for assistance. The wizard sent the brother off to claim the Shield of Skulls, a known enchanted item, in the Temple of Shamalah. The poor adventurer was never heard from again. After many months, one of the missing adventurer’s brothers set out to find the wizard, hoping that he might have some answers as to his missing brother’s whereabouts. The wizard told him where he sent his brother and wrote down on a piece of paper a single clue that would help him in the temple. Once this brother never returned, the third brother of the other two paid a visit to the wizard. He, too, was sent to the Temple of Shamalah, armed only with a second clue to be used within the temple. Three brothers went in…not one ever left.

Using this puzzle: The puzzle itself is based on the following magical trap: There are three different goblets set on a table, one made of gold, one of silver and the other iron. Next to the goblets are three separate magical stones: a ruby, a sapphire and a diamond. Also in the room are three separate altars. All one must do is place the correct stone in the correct goblet and place the correct goblet on the correct altar.

Mixed Up Potion Puzzle: This puzzle centers around the task of beginning with an unknown potion and then deducing what it is based on an alchemist’s set of notes (there are four sheets of notes and one list of possible potions.) This is the most flexible of the three puzzles as YOU get to choose which of the potions the players must identify. You could even have them identify SEVERAL different potions. As added fun, for those that already have our Potions Collection, these are the same potions on the list enabling you to incorporate both sets of materials together!

Possible back story: The players set out to meet Arcanium, the famous alchemist, who they are hoping will provide a ridding curse potion for one of their traveling companions (as being cursed by forest witches does happen while adventuring.) When they reach his laboratory, they find the place ransacked and Arcanium missing. They find a potion with a label that is nearly worn off. There is a dispute among the players over what the label says, what kind of potion it actually is. They do a search in the lab, hoping to find some clues that might help. In their search, they find the four sheets of potion notes. By asking the correct questions to the GM, they will be able to deduce what the potion is from the list.

Using the puzzle: The players must eventually have the list of possible potions in order to solve the puzzle. However, you don’t have to award them all of the note sheets if you’d like to inject a little good old fashioned guess work and luck into their problem solving. The sheets can be kept throughout the quest as a way of identifying future potions, as well. There are four qualities assigned to each potion that have their own unique combination: Pungent Odor or No Odor, Effervescent or No Bubbles, Transparent or Opaque and the potion’s Color.

We Attack At Dawn Puzzle: This puzzle involves using double and triple transposition decoding to decipher a secret message. Of course, the decoders can be used to write any message you’d like, though we’ve provided a specific message based on our included possible back story. A double/triple transposition code involves translating a message into another encoded message, then taking that message and decoding it into another.

Possible back story: A distant malevolent king is about to wage a surprise attack on a peaceful kingdom in hopes of crushing the good monarchy’s rule in one strong stroke. The king’s general sends a messenger with a written note (in code) to the king as to the exact details of the attack that is to take place. The two kingdoms are very far apart, though, and the messenger must rely on passing on his message to a second messenger who will continue the journey. Before pressing on, this second messenger takes the message and encodes it according to his own coding sheet. Finally, the message is passed to a third messenger who in turn encodes the message according to his own coder. The task for the players will be to obtain the encoders from the messengers (or stealing them from the general) and intercepting the message before it gets to the king…without the general ever knowing.

Using this puzzle: The three decoders are in a specific order. You can choose in which order you’d like the players to obtain the lists and the message (the message first or the decoders from the general) – perhaps as part of their mission they are to obtain each decoder list for the sake of future messages – which would mean that they would need to allow the message to be passed on, then ‘taking out’ the previous messenger each time. Either way, the players will need all three lists in order to decode the message. Depending on how much time you want the players to devote to deciphering the message (or how fiendish you are feeling at the time) you may choose to or not to tell them the order of the sheets (there are only so many combinations so it isn’t impossible, but it would add some extra time to the problem solving process.)

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