Darwin: a game of evolution

Darwin: a game of evolution


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Darwin is a strategic and educational game of evolution. You will collect incredible adaptations from different organisms and strategically combine them to create a surviving species. This professional quality card game is fun for casual play, and also invites highly strategic gamers to battle it out.

If we want to preserve and protect Earth's natural beauty for future generations, there's one clear place to start: spreading a sense of love and wonder for nature to all those around us. As children, we found the tiny details of life astounding and wonderful. I'll never forget watching caterpillars go through metamorphosis on my second-grade desk and emerge as butterflies. But that curiosity is dampened as we grow up. Darwin is a strategic game that will reawaken a sense of wonder and love for nature.

In Darwin, each player's goal is to evolve a species that will survive. Darwin comes with 96 adaptation cards, each with a picture and description of an organism with an incredible adaptation that helps it to survive in a hostile environment. As you play, you'll compete for scarce resources and use them to add adaptations to your species. To survive, your species will need to eat, reproduce, and avoid being eaten by other players!

Whether you love out-smarting your friends in strategy games, or just enjoy discovering the wild adaptations, Darwin gives everyone a chance to have fun and learn something new.

The deck contains 96 adaptation cards, 24 resource cards and 4 environment cards. Adaptations help your species to eat, reproduce, or survive, or give you a strategic advantage in managing resources. The game is professionally printed and contains a box, instructions, and an additional rule card. Additionally, an online page allows you to read articles about the science behind each of the cards in the deck. Darwin can be used in classroom and non-traditional educational settings. Please contact me if you have questions about the game!

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