New Guidelines for Etsy Shops

In eight years, you've grown Etsy in amazing ways we never predicted. It's time for our policies to catch up.

Photo by Sara Kerens

We've made some changes.

These new policies are crafted to support a diverse community of makers, designers and curators — from the solo artisan just starting out, to the full-time seller hiring staff, to the artist who partners with a manufacturer to bring her creations to life.

  • The size of your shop is up to you.

    Hire help if you need it or collaborate, even from different locations. Everyone who helps you make handmade items should be listed on your shop's About page.

  • You can use shipping and fulfillment services.

    If it's right for your business you can let someone else handle these logistics. Keep in mind that shop owners are ultimately responsible for buyers' customer service experience.

  • Manufacturers can help you produce your designs.

    Sellers create their handmade items in many different ways. Partnering with an outside business is okay, but we'll require you to be honest about how your items are made.

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Handmade will always be the heart of Etsy.

In our diverse marketplace, handmade can't mean a single method or process. Instead, it's about these three principles.


A handmade item begins with you. Etsy's not the place to sell new items you had no role in creating.


Shop owners on Etsy are invested and knowledgeable about how their handmade items are made.


By being open and honest about how items are made, we create a marketplace built on trust.

Etsy sellers live these principles every day.

Here's what it looks like in practice.

To me, craftsmanship is about showing the utmost respect for one’s craft… Authorship is something different — it’s having the curiosity or cojones to make it your own.”

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Peter of gopetdesign

Mount Vision, NY, United States

Opened on Aug 29, 2010

Working as an independent creative is a continuous learning curve. Wearing all the hats in a business gives you freedom, but all the responsibilities fall on you.”

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Lorena of gemagenta

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Opened on Dec 20, 2009

Our hands are involved in every step of our process — that is special and meaningful to us.”

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Raquel + João of ARMINHO

Porto, Portugal

Opened on May 19, 2011

My creative process begins with the spark of an idea, which might be an environmental cause, a story, or a specific material like jasmine.”

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Roxana of IlluminatedPerfume

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Opened on Oct 13, 2008

Each designer has control over their own design… I don’t try to hide each designer behind the brand; I think it’s much better for each person to stand alongside their work.”

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Kyoko of TheLinkCollective

Tokyo, Japan

Opened on Oct 23, 2010