Unique Hand-Crafted Ceramics for your Furry Friends!

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Unique Hand-Crafted Ceramics for your Furry Friends!

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Announcement   FINAL SALE: 50% off all ornaments from now until Christmas. Use Sale code 50PAWSOFF at checkout. OUR SHOP WILL GO ON INDEFINITE HIATUS STARTING DEC 31st! No custom orders can be done at this time. Please order from the stock we have. THANK YOU FOR 10+ YEARS OF MUD, PAWS, AND LOVE!


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FINAL SALE: 50% off all ornaments from now until Christmas. Use Sale code 50PAWSOFF at checkout. OUR SHOP WILL GO ON INDEFINITE HIATUS STARTING DEC 31st! No custom orders can be done at this time. Please order from the stock we have. THANK YOU FOR 10+ YEARS OF MUD, PAWS, AND LOVE!

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Another load of pottery successfully fired, glazed, and fired again! Can you tell which color is most popular? (It's Electric Blue!)
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Pottery Inspired by Our Love of Pets

I started making dishes for Tucker, my corgi, when he was a puppy. Soon he had more bowls than a dog could ever possibly use. So, I started giving away pieces to all my friends that had dogs. As I continued making dog bowls I realized that everyone who had a dog had a special connection to them. They wanted to give something to their dogs because of everything their dogs gave to them.

I began experimenting with different glazes, different designs, and different stamps. Friends began asking for pieces with their dog’s name on them. They began asking for certain colors or styles.

I really enjoyed using my pottery to make fun and functional objects, so I started selling my pottery to people who loved their animals as much as I do.

1. Kick Wheel - While many potters use an electric wheel for throwing pottery, I use a kick wheel. My assistants like to brag that I'm "old school," and I guess that's true considering kick wheels were used in ancient civilizations! I like the way it's easy to really control my speed, and the action of kicking is quite meditative. The only draw back is my right pottery shoe tends to be shorter than the other because the tread wears away!

2. Slab Roller - This machine is a hand-cranked roller that flattens clay into an even sheet. We use the slab roll to make our ornaments!

3. Pugg Machine - As much as I'd like this machine to make little Pugs (dogs), it doesn't. What it's really used for is mixing new clay to a malleable state and pulling all the air out. Air bubbles are a potters night mare, because air bubbles are one of the biggest causes of pottery cracks, or if you have really bad luck, exploding pottery!

4. Paint Brushes - I use brushes of different sizes, from large sumi brushes to tiny detail brushes. With these I can slather paint onto gigantic treat jars, add trim to ornaments or make the finest of touch ups.

5. Rubber Stamps - So many people ask how I get the images of dogs on my pottery. Well, the secret's out: I use rubber stamps! Most of them I buy online, or customers provide for me to use, but every once in a while we have to make our own! When we have to make our own my assistant Carrie sits down to draw them out. She's created several beautiful designs of hard to find breeds for us!

6. Glazes - All of my glazes are lead free, making them food safe for people and their pets! To apply the stamps we use a stamp pad covered in a thin layer of glaze, but we often have to make corrections. We have a lot of colors, and sometimes it's hard to find the perfect shade. Last year Selene tried her hand at making custom colors, and thanks to her we now have Indigo, Berry, and Cornflower Blue in our color wheel!

7. Kiln - My kiln stands about 5ft (1.524m) tall but it's quite thin. The kiln reaches temperatures of just under 3,000°F (1648°C). It's really cool to peek through a view hole and see all my creations glowing! Getting pottery into the bottom of the kiln is tricky considering I'm so short. Even the tallest of us, Carrie, has a hard time reaching the bottom. So we use a step ladder and kind of balance ourselves on the side. It's a great ab work out! Carrie says she has nightmares about Selene and I falling in, but we haven't yet!

My process begins with freshly pugged stoneware clay that I throw into shape on a flat disk called a batt. Using water, my hands, and kicking my wheel I can bend the clay into a bowl, a jar, or even flatten it into a plate or jar lid. Freshly formed pottery is very wet and takes about 2 to 3 days to dry out for trimming.

When ready for trimming I use a cheese wire to cut the piece from the batt, and then it goes back on my wheel. I trim all the excess clay away from the piece to make sure everything looks clean and smooth. We wait about an hour after each piece is trimmed to let it dry out a bit and then it heads for painting!

After painting it dries for a few more days, and when dry it goes to the kiln! The first firing is the bisque which is a 3 day process. Then we do the final glass glaze which takes several hours, followed by loading the kiln for the final firing. This firing also takes 3 days.

It's a long process!

I enjoy being creative and watching people smile when they see my pottery. I love to see my dogs enjoy the bowls they use everyday. They really do know which bowl is theirs! I especially enjoyed seeing Tucker come running when I opened his treat jar. The clink of the lid made him come running every time. This tradition continues with my current dogs, and just about every person who uses my pottery for their pets.

So, whether it’s a cute bowl, a personalized treat jar, or just something to store their toys and brushes, our pottery helps us to give back to the animals that do so much for us. Our pets expect so little from people, but do so much for us everyday. This is how I chose to give back for all they do for us.

Shop members

  • Candice

    Owner, Pottery Wizard

    I created my company in 2006 with a little corgi as my muse. I've been making beautiful hand thrown bowls, treat jars, and plates for animals ever since. In my spare time I enjoy agility training with my corgis, jamming to music, travel and wine.

  • Selene

    Assistant, Ornament Whisperer

    Assistant Extraordinaire Selene keeps our ornaments in shape. From painting to glazing, Selene is an expert at making ornaments & the creator of our custom Berry, Indigo & Cornflower glazes! Selene enjoys playing The Sims, cooking, Brit TV & reading.

  • Carrie

    Assistant, Painting Ninja

    Assistant Extraordinaire Carrie does a lot painting. An artist by trade, she fixes mess ups, designs new breed stamps, makes marketing materials and paints a lot of paws. Carrie works on her own comic series, crochets and loves watching movies.

  • Earl

    Research & Development

    Earl is a corgi that isn't interested in pottery unless food's involved! His job is to test new products. Recently gave us 2 paws up for our slow feeder bowls! Earl loves playing fetch, wrestling with his brother, eating and agility training.

  • Barron

    Morale Officer

    When the days get long and the pottery machine never seems to end Barron reminds everyone to take a break! He spends time in the studio making sure his workers remember to have a little fun! Barron enjoys belly rubs, chasing squirrels and snuggles.

  • Rufus

    Mover Of Pottery

    Rufus gets us to all our shows; through sleet, snow and mountains. Now matter how much or how little, He takes it all! He can be a drama king with attention grabbing stunts- like a flat tire in the middle of Maryland- but really he's a good van!

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Frequently asked questions
Custom and personalized orders

Yes, I can personalize most of my creations! Since I make all of my products by hand, you can choose from my selection of colors, and animals. However, it may take from 2 to 4 weeks for me to make your item to your specifications.

For most customizations, there is no additional charge. Here are the modifications for which *there is* an additional charge:
- Slight modifications to an animal design can be made, for an additional fee. The fee is assessed on an individual basis, and is, in part, based on the difficulty of the request.

- Adding a name (or dates) to an item does require an additional fee. For short names (5 characters or or less), the added charge is $5. For longer names (6 characters or more) the added charge is $10.

Care instructions

All of my pottery is lead free- safe for pets and people to use! Of course, my pottery is also oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe!

While my bowls and jars are very durable, they are not indestructible.

My products can be used outdoors, with a few precautions.

- If being used on concrete/cement, it would be wise to put a placemat underneath any of our items.

- Additionally, water bowls should not be left outside if temperatures are expected to be near or below freezing. As water freezes, and expands, it might cause the bowl to crack.

Sizing details

Each time I make an item (such as a Treat Jar), I post the measurements in the listing. (Since all of our items are handmade, the dimensions of a custom made item may vary by +/- 0.5 inches from the stated dimensions.)

You can view the dimensions of all of my items here on my website: http://www.4pawspottery.com/faq/

****If you're considering one of my Long Ear Bowls, you can see my sizing recommendations here: http://www.4pawspottery.com/faq/#long-ear-bowls-faq ****

Wholesale availability

Yes, I do make wholesale orders for retailers! I offer a 50% discount to retailers, however, you must purchase $400 at retail prices ($200 at whole sale price) to qualify for discount. Shipping, and shipping materials will be charged at cost.

Do you have shipping and/or handing fees?

I like being transparent with my customers!

I charge a packaging fee of...
$1.25/ ornament
$2.00/ plate
$3.00/ small, or medium bowls, or jars
$4.00/ large, or extra large bowls, or jars

[If I ship any of the above items outside of the United States, I add an additional $2. International shipping can be expensive. I want your items to arrive without damage!]

These fees help to cover the high cost of bubble wrap and packing materials, which I use to make sure your piece(s) arrive safely on your doorstep- in tact!!

Thank you for your understanding!

Can you make an item with exact measurements?

I make my items by hand, so I can get pretty close! However, there will be variation from one bowl/jar, etc. to another- it simply cannot be avoided.

Each time I make a custom made item, there is likely to be a bit of variation by +/- 0.5 inches.

If you want "a set" of items (bowls, jars, etc.), and you want them to be as close to identical as possible, the best chance for this to happen comes from Custom Ordering these items AT THE SAME TIME.

What's the turn around time for orders?

Items that are in stock, and ordered as is, have already been made. They ship out in 1 to 3 business days.

Items that are Advance/Custom Orders will ship out of 3 to 4 weeks.

Due to demand, orders placed AFTER our holiday deadlines, will ship in closer to 6 to 8 weeks.

I have a question that I do not see listed here. Where do I go?

I have an extensive FAQ section on my website, which you can visit, here: http://www.4pawspottery.com/faq/

I found a discount code online but when I try to use it at your Etsy store (or on your website), your site won't accept it. What should I do?

From time to time, I do have discounts and promotions for my products. At times, in connection with a review of my products, I may also have a promotion code. I always post valid discount codes on my website (www.4PawsPottery.com), AND in my Etsy shop greeting.

I DO NOT WORK WITH COUPON CODE PROMOTION COMPANIES. If you find a coupon code for 4 Paws Pottery and it's not listed on my site, it is likely not a valid code (or never existed.) As a small business owner, I cannot honor those codes.

Again, please check my website/Etsy greeting for valid coupon codes. If you do not see a banner at the top of my homepage, I have no promotion occurring. Thanks for understanding.