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Welcome to Batikwalla ~ wearing beautiful batiks as part of your personal expression ~ YOU CAN FIND A VAST VARIETY OF ORIGINAL BATIKS @ WWW.BATIKWALLA.COM


My name is Victoria and I've been a full time batik artist since the teenage years from back in the day. A long time ago. Anyway, I'm self taught in all aspects, with an early background of selling batiks in the Grateful Dead parking lot scene, barter fairs, the Oregon Country Fair, and basically a ton of different music festivals over the years since 1989. High Sierra, String Summit, SCI at Horning's, NW Folklife Festival in Seattle... Okanogan up near the Canadian border. Wow, what a crazy event! Oh, so many different shows... A pretty wild ride actually, until I migrated online, which - let me tell ya, is proving to be just as intense.

The basic batik process has been the same throughout my career. I hand paint each design with molten beeswax, and use natural daylight to eye the colors. The finished piece is then boiled in a cauldron of water before machine washed and dried. It's a very simple process but takes time and skill to create. Because of the boiling process, the finished batiks are extremely durable and can be machine washed and worn for years without the risk of shrinking or fading.

The colors and styles featured here will gradually change throughout the year. If something sells out, I may or may not be able to replicate it. As tempting as it can be with some great suggestions coming my way, I'm not able to take custom requests outside the listings provided. This is a very unique process and there are hidden limitations in this art form. Believe me, much trial and error has taught me well.

Shareable images and personalized responses to customer questions are posted daily on my Facebook page.

If you need more info or want to say Hi, let me know with a comment or question on the Batikwalla Facebook page:
I may be able to respond to questions and comments posted on my FB wall more swiftly than Etsy Conversations. It may even answer someone else's question, so please don't be shy. HOWEVER if you are a customer with a specific question about your order, please write me through Conversations with a link to your receipt and you will get a response within 24 hours.

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