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Frequently Asked Questions:

q: Are the cords attached to [something]? What do they hang from? How do I hang them?
a: The Elements series is meant to be very flexible and easily hung in a variety of spaces, so each piece (Element) is hung on an unknotted 24" length of brown waxed linen cord. You can hang this from small nails on a wall, from cup hooks above a window, eye hooks in the ceiling, a curtainrod, or basically anything else you can think of. You can also cut off the cords and hang the pieces directly on a wall with small nails.

q: Is the mirror really mirror?
a: Yes, it's normal flat mirror. Mirror is super hard to photograph because it reflects everything, and we do our best to make it recognizable but sometimes it can be confusing.

q: The colors look different in the different photos, which is real?
a: Stained glass is tough to photograph, and the glass can look very different against a wall than it does in a window. Additionally, several of the glasses have different textures, so sometimes the photos are trying to convey the texture as well. We do our best to make sure the photos are representative of the colors & textures you can expect to receive.

q: Can I get that in a different color?
a: Absolutely. You can see the available colors at

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