CustomRingChests' Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting my store.

My designs are endless...The color combinations, styles, materials. I enjoy the possibilities.
I try to designs my items with a more affordable pricing and fair pricing. I have over 156 different style pillow and baskets sets, and over 233 different embellished flower girl baskets. Please contact me if you have a style or color requirement. Most ribbons and embellishments shown can be applied to other baskets or pillows. I try to show the colors and variations in flower styles, but I am very versatile. Anxious to work with you.

FLOWER GIRL BASKETS: Most flower girl baskets are sized for the very small girl, So if you need a larger size basket with a color shown on a small basket just ask. Please make sure that your flower girl is the appropriate age for the flower girl baskets that are offered. Sizes and age recommendations are clearly stated on the listings. If you are unsure please contact me. Returns are not accepted.

RING BEARER PILLOWS: If you would prefer a matching pillow with the Flower Girl Basket instead of a Ring Bearer Chest please contact me. I would be happy to complete your purchase with this request.

SPECIAL REQUESTS: Because of the uniqueness of these orders, all orders are prepaid. Please contact me on availability of colors etc. If you do have a special request, the time that you complete the transaction is when you need to communicate with me.
SHIPPING: I generally ship your order within 48 hrs. or less. Special orders and requests may take longer depending on special requests. Those will be discussed before the transaction is generally made.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind. When you have unusual color requests or special names for the colors that Designers put on their styles, these are not always available or if they are not always in the same dye lot and may not match your precise requirements or requests in the form of silk, satin or organza flowers or bows. I do my best to meet your expectations and converse extensively with you before a "Reserved Listing" is placed online for you, to make sure we both understand what is going to be created for you. Sometimes it is an unrealistic expectation to have that exact accent color match that just cannot be fulfilled exactly. But the ring bearer chest does not touch the bridesmaid dresses that exact color match should be such a requirement.

Purples come in different shades. Some more blue some with more pink. Blues come also in many shades. Some with more green in the color. If you need specific shades you need to get a sample to me either by photo or a swatch by mail. I do my best to match but not all shades are available in flowers and ribbons.

Ivory and Whites come in many different shades please understand that if the color is not completely exact this is not going to be a big factor in the way your overall color scheme is displayed.

I ship worldwide. If your country is not listed on the shipping information, please contact me so that I can add that for you.

CUSTOM FEES: There are Custom Fees that your Country adds onto the item that is shipped from the USA to your country. Please understand, the USA does NOT have or have any control of these fees that your country may add on. If you are unsure of these fees please check with your country. I am not and will not be responsible to any additional costs that Your country adds as Customs. If you do not want to have these additional charges please avoid the purchase from me.


I am adding this information at this time as I have had requests for returns. I do not accept returns unless there is an error on my part. If for some reason I do agree to accept a return, I will refund the purchase price but not the shipping. Flower girl baskets are not made huge. The manufacturers do not make very large baskets. I do offer different sizes. My larger ones are as large as I can get. I have age recommendations on them. I have described in detail sizes, age recommendation, color availability which is for a reason.... So that the customer understands a small basket is not appropriate for a older flower girl because of size.
I have a very high quality camera that I use so color is clearly stated and shown on the screen. Different dye lots will not match all colors of Purple and that should be understood. I have explained this in my Disclaimer area. So please do not expect more than what I can offer.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.