EclecticCollage's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my virtual Caravan! I have been selling and buying for over 30 years thanks to you--my buyers and later e-friends! I offer high-end items at low-end prices and only sell what I love. My wares come mostly from our personal collection, two eclectic/curiosity boutique shops we owned on two different continents, and also from the estates of select bohemian friends and family.

I offer an eclectic array of goods--from antique & vintage collectibles to vintage brand-name clothing & accessories. Browsing through our store you will stumble upon rare books, unique vintage clothing, estate antiques and jewelry, tribal clothing, Oriental rugs, kilims, ethnic textiles and artifacts, vintage and antique religious artifacts, goth/gypsy/SCA vintage style clothing and much much more. I love my material possessions , but, as a Buddhist, I practice 'letting go' to remind us of the impermanence of material being.

Many of my treasures were collected while criss-crossing the world as Harvard Graduate anthroplogists, while living with semi-nomadic tribes and in search of indigenous culture. We have shared company with semi-nomadic tribes from the steppes of Central Asia and Turkey to the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa, the jungles of Central America and the jungles and mountain tops of South America, as well as the villages of Romani Gypsies in Eastern and Western Europe. Many of my items come with magical stories. We believe in 'magical realism' and synchronicities and spiritual energies. If an object has a story to tell, I will share it with you and always feel free to ask. And, as always, I bless our treasures with love, positivity, and gratitude.

I also find beauty in semi modern fashions, even those that may be considered Kitsch or mundane or 'square'. But as many women and all fashion connoisseurs know...what's past is prologue. Who would have ever thought a mere 15 years ago that bell bottoms will make such a sweeping come back?! (I can't live without them...:) Such is a testament that every decade has its beauty and absolute expression captured in its own Space/Time & yet cannot be emulated again...but has served as the inevitable artistic evolutionary link to the expression of current and future fashions and styles.
Peace, Love & Namaste, Lila